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Jonny Z Fest Pictures and Yummy News for the Richmond Zine Fest

As promised we have pictures from Saturday’s Jonny Z Fest!

The wind and and rain didn’t prevent our having a good time (although we could’ve won a prize at inventiveness and fastest zine and flyer round up whenever the weather threatened our paper-based goods… see the proof in the pictures: Eros collected rocks for paperweights). The community and music kept our spirits up, and we made the most of the day with a lot of laughter and dancing. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of singer Alison Self, but the other music acts pictured are Josh Small, Photosynthesizers, and No BS! Brass Band. All of the acts had amazing sets that we couldn’t help but jam to at the zine fest table. Also pictured: RZF co-organizer Eros, Click Clack Distro, The Flying Brick Library volunteers, and an amazing dancer/performer who accompanied the Photosynthesizers’ performance. The Jonny Z Fest is an event that the organizers of Richmond Zine Fest look forward to every year. Thanks to everyone who contributed to an amazing local event!

And if that sampling of live music in Richmond wasn’t enough, don’t forget to come out to our benefit show August 31st at Strange Matter! On the last night of the summery months, Long Arms, Black Girls, and Lobo Marino of the local music scene will unite with local zine writers to raise money for our venue space. We love these bands and everyone involved, and we’re incredibly excited and happy that they’ve decided to give us a hand with this show. Who says you can’t party
on a Wednesday? We have the winter and many a school night to stay in. 😉

And now: News for Your Belly 

We can now announce that Lamplighter will be at the Richmond Zine Fest on Oct. 8th again!  We hope that those of you of who enjoyed their coffee, sandwiches, whoopie pies, and other fare last year are pleased. And for those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to do so at the previous zine fest, just you wait. Or don’t wait… Lamplighter is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at 116 S. Addison Street, Richmond, VA, 23220.

The Richmond Zine Fest will be held Oct. 8th at the GCCR.  Registration for tabling and workshops are still open. Register and pay to confirm your space as soon as possible. Be on the look out for more zine fest events and blog posts with tips for tablers and workshoppers soon.

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