Meet the Organizers

Current Organizers

Celina Nicole is a writer, researcher, librarian, and maker of zines n’ things. They started organizing Richmond Zine Fest in its third year after saving Fantasia from The Nothing and going on an epic adventure with their trusted companion Falcor. Celina has been an organizer for Girls Rock! RVA, Girls Rock Camp Alliance, and Elbow Room. Currently they enjoy doing nothing outside of surviving capitalism except singing at karaoke, promising to write and make more art, and chilling with their cat Howl and his best friend Mister Business. Their most recent zines include: I Hate Dating, once i fell, how many miles, and instaku.


Brian Baynes came to us after he escaped a board game he was trapped in for 15 years. He is an avid collector of pennies, fan of Family Circus and Nancy comics, and researcher of the local punk scene, The Byrd Theatre, and other passions. He is also known for his perfect knowledge of the Taco Bell menu and his ability to grow one of the best beards in Richmond, VA. His zines include: BubblesCool Hiss, Presenting the Byrd Theatre, Time Shifting, and Crunch: A Taco Bell Fanzine.

Richmond Zine Fest was founded in 2007 and has had many organizers over the years. These people have included Sarah Maitland, Nicole Introvert, Liz Canfield, Mo Karnage, Taylor Ball, Heidi, Cat Ennis Sears, Danny Rathbun, Mara Hyman, Amy June, and Paige Fulton. Shout out to all of the organizers and volunteers who have kept Richmond Zine Fest going, going, going….