Richmond Zine Fest Collab Announcement

ron rege
Artist: Ron Regé, Jr.

We are honored to collaborate with the Anderson Gallery who is holding an artist lecture and exhibition for the Ron Regé, Jr., who is also tabling at Richmond Zine Fest on Saturday, October 13th.

3:30 PM Lecture @ James Branch Cabell Library 
(901 Park Ave., Richmond, VA)

6:00 – 9:00 PM – Exhibition Opening @ The Anderson Gallery
(907 1/2 Franklin St., Richmond, VA)

Cartoonist Ron Regé, Jr., known for his treatment of metaphysical and philosophical subjects will be showing site-specific drawing, original artwork from publications, and paintings operating within the language of zines and independent comics.

The exhibition will be on display from October 12th- December 14th.

Ron Regé, Jr. also generously created the above design for a limited edition Richmond Zine Fest shirt to help fund print stipends for 2019. The shirts will be available for purchase on October 12th and 13th.

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YEAR 11 <3

We enjoyed being two days of zine fun so much last year, we’re doing it again this year!

Friday Sept. 29th:  Programming, 11 am- 5:30 pm, for tablers and the public at Richmond Public Library in the Basement Annex.

Saturday Sept. 30th : Tabling day, 11 am-4pm, at Richmond Public Library on the first floor and in the basement! No after party this year 😦 but we will be having a chill gathering. Details will be provided #askazinester

Applications for tabling will open July 1st.

This year the tabler notification and payment process will be handled differently. It will no longer be on a first-come-first-served basis.

On August 1st, tablers will start receiving acceptance emails. Applicants must pay within 10 days of notification. If we hear nothing from you or don’t receive payment, we will notify someone else on the waitlist and you will go to the bottom of the queue.

If you have any questions email us at

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Year 10, Baby!

10th Annual Richmond Zine Fest poster
Shout out to Gregg Steel of Harrington Comics for this amazing poster! You’re likely to see him at Richmond Zine Fest, but you can also buy his work online.


Planning for the 10th Annual Richmond Zine Fest is currently underway!

This year we’ll be a TWO DAY ZINE CELEBRATION!

Friday Sept. 30th:  Programming for tablers and the public!

Saturday Oct. 1st : Exhibition day!

Yes, we will be at Richmond Public Library again this year, and we’re ridiculously happy about that decision! We received a lot of positive and constructive feedback about the change of location from previous years. We hear and love y’all. We loved zine-festing under the giant disco ball, too, but we also have to be mindful of the reasons we sought a change of venue despite our nostalgia. We considered our first year at RPL a trial & error for the years to come. Trying something new is difficult, but we’re glad we did it because now we know what we want to adjust and improve upon for this year! Thanks for sticking with us ❤

More details to come.

Registration will open July 1st.


If you have any questions email us at

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Ninth Annual! October Tenth! We are movinggggggggg!

2015 flyer announcement

As much we’ve enjoyed zine-festing under the shiny disco ball and will miss being in that rainbow building visible from the interstate, sometimes you gotta make changes just to see what other places have to offer!

Richmond Public Library, located at 101 East Franklin Street, has been an ardent supporter of community projects such as the People’s Library and Girls Rock! RVA. When an opportunity to investigate how Richmond Zine Fest could work within that space, we decided to invade!

We’re still in the planning stages, and if you’re interested in being involved in the making of the 9th Annual Richmond Zine Fest, please contact us at! We need artists, writers, planners, and go-getters!

Keep checking in for more updates on events, including an exciting series of zine programs available at several Richmond Public Library branches during late June and throughout July aka International Zine Month. Perhaps this year, we’ll succeed in the mission to actually finish the daily challenges… hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Right.

Zine, love, and hopefully see you Saturday, October 10th!

Registration for tablers and workshops open in July.

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Take this list and love it


We’re thrilled with the number of people who have registered to celebrate our 8th Annual Richmond Zine Fest!

Start making your plans for which tables you must visit now with our page listing the name, descriptions, and websites (when provided) of our current exhibitors. This list will continue to be updated as more folks register… there’s still time to register and have your name and zine added to the roster!

This year we will have buttons for exhibitors, volunteers, and attendees in addition to a Richmond Zine Fest t-shirt designed by Mara Hyman! October 4th is just around the corner….


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IZM Belated Days 5 & 6: New Skills and Zine Wiki

Day 5 was the day for teaching yourself a new skill to be used for and/or in your zines. Stepping out of your comfort zone and learning how to draw a comic when you typically write prose or poetry or learning how to sew binding when typically staple are fun ways to reboot and refresh your zine-atude.

Mara, one of the Richmond Zine Fest organizers and the designer of this year’s main RZF poster, decided to screenprint a zine for the first time.


If you’re interested in learning how to screenprint, the following website has a really simple DIY tutorial: Instructables. Another way of not only discovering new techniques but also supporting local art resources is to investigate what art studios near you offer courses and access to tools of the print trade. Here in Richmond we’re lucky to have spaces like Studio Two Three. Coming up July 16th, they’re offering a class on Screenprinting Halftones, 6-9pm for only $35!

Day 6 was the day for contributing to an incredibly important resource for zine folks, librarians, and the zine curious/nostalgic. is the zine encyclopedia that anyone can edit. No matter how random or obscure your zine may be, you can add it to the zine wiki, which also includes entries for distros and zine fests. We discovered that our page was woefully out of date, and we’ve fixed that!

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IZM Day 4: Read a zine from a different country


This post comes to you all the way from France, where RZF co-organizer Brian has been buying zines and minicomics, chilling with his host family, and eating baguettes every morning for breakfast.

left: Micket Boule by Émilie Gleason; right: George No. 16

Of course, you don’t have to travel to eat baguettes, and discover and read zines from all over the world. George is available for sale here, and there are several distros you can browse and support listed at Stolen Sharpie Revolution. Happy reading and vive la France!

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IZM Day 3: Distro Appreciation Day

brzd_logo2Looking forward to the day I receive the zines I finally purchased from Brown Recluse Distro, a distro that was created to support and allow others to discover zines written predominantly by POC artists, writers, and zine-makers of all identities.

I’ve had my eye on the following titles for several months and was happy to see a few titles were still available as I discovered more must reads. – Celina



If you happen to be around the Richmond area, you can treat yourself to a visit to Velocity Comics, which now carries zines from our very own River Rat Distro (check out the page we’ve added to this website and follow us on facebook) in addition to the many other awesome independently produced comics they sell!