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Zine Review: My Every Single Thought by Corinne Mucha

My_every_single_thoughtI can’t remember when or where I picked up this zine, but it was in a stack of things I haven’t read yet. I have piles of books and zines around my apartment, and (re)discovering an item is kind of like finding money in the couch or from the pocket of a coat I didn’t wear for a year. You ever have one of those moments when you want to hug your past-self for making a decision you kind of forgot about? Reading this zine was a lot like that for me.

Drawn in a style that made me think of Lynda Barry, Every Single Thought is a comic that “chronicles the author’s attempt to get over an old relationship and come to terms with a saucy new label—SINGLE” (from the back of the zine). Corinne Mucha humorously approaches the topic of singledom from multiple angles—what it means, what it doesn’t mean, the rhyming words conspiracy, the Hollywood movie conspiracy, and what would Single Barbie do?

One of my favorite comic strips in this zine is a chart with a “How OK is it to Be Single” barometer that goes from Baby aka “very ok to be single… unless you meet another really cute baby” to 23 and onward, for which Mucha writes,

If you’re thinking about getting married, you should date someone! Not thinking about marriage? It’s still ok to look for a special person to live with forever, or a series of special people to enjoy committed, semi committed or non-committed relationships with. You choose!

Single or not, you won’t regret checking out Corinne’s comics and zines at

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