The First Richmond Zine Fest

RZF 2007
Artist: Adam Juresko

Date: April 28th

Time: 9 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Location: The Camel and The Firehouse Theatre on W. Broad St.

Programming | Exhibitors

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10am-11am – Zine Making 101 will be taught by Julie Philp of the zine Scratch Itch.

11am-12pm – An open question and answer session encompassing all things zines with Alex Wrekk, Jerianne of Zine World, and Taylor of Parcell Press

1pm-5pm – Richmond’s own Mo’Book Mo’Bike Mobile will be parked outside the zine fest and accepting zine, book, and bike part donations. The Mo’Book Mo’Bike Mobile is part of the new Books on Wheels project started by Ward Tefft at Chop Suey and Shelley at Richmond Re-cycles.

Multiple zine readings:

12pm-2pm – The Dreams & Ideals Radical Mama Book tour will be making a stop at the Richmond Zine Fest.  The tour features China Martens, editor of the long-running punk parenting zine The Future Generation reading from her book The Future Generation: The Zine-Book for Subculture Parents, Kids, Friends & Others (China also contributes a column to the long-running Richmond zine Slug & Lettuce); Ariel Gore of the zine Hip Mama ( will be performing from her book How To Become a Famous Writer Before You’re Dead: Your Words in Print and Your Name in Lights; and Annie Downey will be reading from her novel Hot and Bothered, “a Cinderella story for single moms.”

2:30pm – Sarah Rose will be reading from an upcoming issue of her zine Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric. This upcoming issue is about casual sex, and is not appropriate for children and may be triggering for survivors of sexual abuse. Sarah Rose also writes the zines Crushpuppy and Zinetopia.

2:45 – Alex Wrekk will be reading from the twenty-first and latest issue of her zine Brainscan. Alex also writes the zine I’m a Wrekk, and authored Stolen Sharpie Revolution: A D.I.Y. Zine Resource. The fourth edition of Stolen Sharpie Revolution will be published in Summer 2007 by Fall of Autumn ( to celebrate the book’s 5-year anniversary.

There will be a show after the zine fest at The Camel featuring bands with zinesters in them – Now Sleepyhead (Oura Sananikone), Erin Tobey, and Snorklewacker (Bucky from Valiant Death Records & Distro). The show starts at 6pm. Admission is $6, although we may try to get door fee waived for tablers.


At The Firehouse Theatre (1609 West Broad Street)
Parcell Press – Taylor
365 & On the Soapbox – Jeremy Thunder & Leah DeCesare
Pop Faction Comics & Zines – Oura Sananikone
Sidenotes – Heidi
Dear America, I’m Lost – Jacob Cunningham
Dada Haus – Kelly Farrell
Digital Worm – Ashleigh ADDICT
Stupid Little Things and Graveyards – Shelley the Wee
Adore More – Wynnie Crews
RVA Magazine – Parker
CLIT Fest – Donna Manion
Gentle Graffiti – Stephanie deSocio
Substance Ink – Sean Kuhnke & Bryan Jabs
Paper Chase Distro – Erin Steadman
Can of Worms – Will Towles
Mildred Pierce – Megan Milks & John Bylander
Project Surreal – Veronica A. Mullen
Brainscan Zine/Small World Buttons/Stolen Sharpie Revolution – Alex Wrekk
The Cocaine Con Game – Handbook for Health/Permanent Marks Publishing – Chad Rathbone/Sebastian Demian
Little Shorts Zine – Erin Pubes
“Dumpster Diving” – Alison Self
Blitzkrieg Koala – Aaron Shoemaker
Black Liquid – Lisa Whalen
Charlottesville Zines – Victoria Long & Andy Jenkins
Joyful Dissent – Shell

At The Camel (1621 West Broad Street)
Introvert – Nicole Introvert
Scarring Artist Distro – C. Landrum
The Underbelly – Peeping Tom Paine
The Rhododendron Reader – Alexis Stewart
Zinetopia/Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric/Crushpuppy – Sarah Arrr!
Pulse – Kelly Johnson
Our Soundtrack Project – Joshua Hamilton
Valiant Death Records & Distro – Bucky
A Beat of Our Own – Jared Forman
Q.E.D. – Jessica Greif
Paranahbite Designs – Paige
Young American Comics – Tod & Corey Marie Parkhill
Suburban Blight – Stephanie
Microcosm Publishing – Jessie Duquette
Ye Olde Press Shoppe/28 Pages Lovingly Bound with Twine/Mean Green Submarine – Christoph & Herbie Meyer
Who Cares? Zine – Brendan Brulon
My My Distro – Taryn Hipp
Lost Cat
Zine World – Jerianne

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