9th Annual Richmond Zine Fest

Artist: Molly Fair

Date: October 10, 2015

Time: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Location: Richmond Public Library, 101 E. Franklin St.

Programming | Exhibitors

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all day – Performing Statistics parade banner display

This project connects incarcerated teens with an incredible group of artists, designers, educators, and Virginia’s leading policy advocates to transform the juvenile justice system. This summer in Richmond, VA, they hosted a summer art and advocacy initiative, during which 3 days a week, a group of incarcerated you from the Richmond Juvenile Detention Center’s Post-Dispositional Program were able to leave the facility and come to Art 180’s teen art center called Atlas. There, they worked with artists across the city to produce a series of media campaigns and mobile exhibitions that will tour across the state to spark dialogue and activate communities on the causes, impacts, and alternatives to the juvenile justice system. All day the banners for the rescheduled/upcoming parade on November 6th will be on site to view. Check out these beautiful and images and words created by the teens and artistis who participated in these summer sessions and ask yourself, “what can we do to disrupt the school-to-prison pipeline?”

11:15am-12:00pm – Difficult Conversations through Zines w/ Alane Cameron Miles (All ages)

Alane is a dingbat who fills in the wrong box. See above for description. As for me, I am a writer and hospice chaplain, mom and host of Death Club Radio on WRIR 97.3 FM independent radio.

I use zines to discuss end of life decisions with people… and make them laugh while doing it. My children have been using zines to communicate with me to make me less stuffy. How can zines be used to interact personally and globally?

Duration: 45 minutes

12:15pm-1:15pm – looking for sanctuary–the joy and pain of doing prison outreach work (anyone, but only 18+ can write letters)

hana and liz founded sanctuary in summer 2014, working from a grant that liz and seth croft wrote. their space is on chamberlayne avenue and there they do workshops on writing, theatre, painting, yoga, GED, literacy, music, and so much more! liz has taught a writing workshop inside the richmond city jail for 5 years and 4 years ago, she put a recording studio inside the jail. hana was in the writing workshop and is a powerful organizer in richmond around gender and race. both women have had family members and loved ones caught up in the system.

liz and hana will speak about how they navigated the strange, joyful, and devastating path to doing prison justice work in richmond through their experience founding sanctuary. they will also facilitate a letters to prisoners session. all materials will be provided.

Duration: 1 hour

1:30pm-2:15pm – Rubber Stamp Demo w/ Brooke Inman! (all ages)

Carve your own rubber stamp! Come play with rubber stamps! Stamping is print-making that anyone of all artistic levels can enjoy!

Duration: 45 minutes

2:30pm-3:30pm – Choice Your Own Adventure (ages 14–114)

Members of the Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project will be facilitating an interactive workshop that takes participants through the obstacles of getting an abortion in Virginia with a racial lens. What steps will YOU choose? (You will create your own Choice Your Own Adventure narrative zine to take home.)

Duration: 1 hour


AdHouse Books

AdHouse Books LLC has been a boutique publishing juggernaut since the year of 2002. Over the years, they have won and been nominated for awards within the comic profession (Ignatz, Harvey, Eisner) and the design world (AIGA, Communication Arts, Domtar Paper). Their library of publications is an eclectic mix of sequential and illustrative arts.

Aijung Kim

Aijung makes illustrated zines of poetry and prose, often focusing on the details of everyday life as well as the things that make it magical. Every year she aims to make a new zine in time for Richmond Zine Fest, for it is one of her favorite events of the year! Along with zines, she will offer handmade linocut prints, screenprints, notecards, and oracle decks.

AJ Asymptote and Eva Mc

I have a series of zines about abuse recovery, the mountain goats, peter pan, being a lesbian, and intersections of some or all of those. Eva Mc has mainly visual-arts based zines.

Amendment Literary and Art Journal

Amendment is Virginia Commonwealth University’s student-run literary and art journal that promotes social progression through artistic expression. We also publish topical multimedia submissions on our website: amendmentvcu.com.

AnCap Swagger

Featured are ten zines from local anarchists that depict Richmond and controversial philosophy. Subjects covered are Anarcho- Capitalism, Mutualism, contemporary realism, and alternative media. Please stop by this table and meet Tyler Lloyd as he plans to challenge the assumptions of anyone willing to read his work.

Anita Rose (Sale Into the 90s)

A quick zine based on minor historical happenings of the 1980s and 1990s. I also appeared at the 2014 Richmond Zine Fest.

ArmzRace Comics

Often hilarious, sometimes sexy, occasionally horrific (re: politics–the scariest of genres), and always awesome, the ArmzRace crew offers reading delights for all kinds of interesting people, made by other interesting people. With titles such as Booty Call, ABCs of the USA, Why My Life Sucks, Cheap Shots and Cannon Fodder, our work is personal, political, pfunny, and powerful!

Bad Bread and What Makes a Young God

Works of melancholy and healing by Reenie Bowers and Kyle Daileda

Bangcock United

Subculture zines from across Virginia with emphasis on the Harrisonburg downtown community.

Barely There

Barely There is currently operating as a press & distro for international publications + printed matter with future plans of expanding to an artbook store

Brenna Killeen

Brenna Killeen has been producing a weekly webcomic, Orange You Glad I Didn’t Say Brennana, since 2013. It’s been described as Cathy for cool people.

Brennen Perry and Anna Tregutha

Brennen Perry and Anna Tregutha are both Juniors at VCUArts, studying in the Painting and Printmaking and Kinetic Imaging programs respectively. They will be selling handmade art zines and prints.

Brian Baynes

Brian McDaniel

My zines are about the slow process.

Broad Street Press, Print Club at VCU

The Print Club strives to foster a printmaking community between all majors at VCU.

Caleb Kong and Mindy Burgess

Blue Books is a collaboration between Caleb Kong and Mindy Burgess integrating both photography and printmaking to produce thematically cohesive printed works.

The Call

The golden thread that runs through my head.

Carmela Alfonso

Tomboy Crafter is all about handmade. One of a kind journals, junk journals, booklets, and more. And Zines showcasing Art Journaling pages and Artist Trading Cards. Come take a look!

Celina Nicole
Clown Kisses Press

Clown Kisses Press is a zine and comic collective that is made up of three artists: Rellie Brewer, Harrison Stewart, and James McPherson. Clown Kisses Press has been involved in small press events in Richmond, Baltimore, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York. Specializing in risograph and screen printed zines Clown Kisses Press explores all kinds of shit with the work it produces.

Coffee Blood Grease

Documentation of skateboarding, freight trains, and the freaks that love them through photography and interviews.

Comm Arts Collective

Featuring work from current VCU Communication Arts Students, the Comm Arts Collective specializes in illustrative works, mini-comics, mind-blowing sketches, and other doo dads that will reshape your mind. Also featuring buttons and other merchandise.

Community High School Zine Club

CHS is a progressive, alternative-model school located in Roanoke, Virginia. The Zine Club is student-founded and student-driven. Since 2014 they have used their zines to strengthen and comment on their own student culture; this is their first time connecting face-to-face with fellow zinesters.

Cookie and Boom Boom

Cookie and Boom Boom are Elizabeth Cooke and Ray Markham out of Hampton, Virginia. They are photographers and doodlers.

Crud City

Curtis Childress

I’ll have three zines and a series of prints centering on how I feel about things that are important to me. Focusing on hypersexuality, connection, and vision.

Daniel Torraca

Zines and posters about feelings and experiences that have guided my life and artistic endeavors. In the words of Ally Sheehan, “I make meaningful trash.”


dark+druzy is a collection of zines made by Meghann Altomare and Marria Nakhoda that are strongly inspired by the natural world and their relationship to it.

Death Club Radio

Death Club Radio airs on WRIR 97.3 FM independent radio and addresses all manner of questions death, dying, grief and loss related. DCR zines are helpful, humorous, and thoughtful insight on medicine, choices, culture, and belief.

Deep Sleep

Deep sleep produces zines and products filled with mischief, trespassing, graffiti, travel, and general fun.

Dennis Johnson

Creative X is a magazine that I have created to highlight creative individuals in the DMV. This includes all forms of art from theater to culinary to visual arts and more! I will debut my first issue of the book as well as some of my personal works.


My name is dave and I am an asshole from upstate NY. I make very wordy zines about reality with a straightedge vegan anarchist agenda.

Disconnect the dots studio

Various zines from VCUarts students, Zine topics include comics, bird research, sketchbook compilations, cats, and some tbd.


Unthemed distro started by a few friends publishing: 1) Interviews with accomplished and persevering Richmond women. 2) A field guide to Richmond wildlife depicted as paper dolls with accompanying outfits. 3) Poems.

Elbow Room

Elbow Room (fka Grlz Night) is an open collective based in Richmond. We have been producing quarterly zines that center the voices of women, people of color, queer folks, transgender and gender non-conforming folks, and anyone who is differently abled in any way.

Emma Anticlimax

emma anticlimax is a college student and/or small possum majoring in archaeology and anthropology who pulls periodic all-nighters to staple things together and yell at whatever printer she happens to be using. her zines vary in content but they tend to be about monsters, healing personal trauma, and the time she and her best friends stole a street sign.

Erin Conley

I am an artist with a desire to illustrate and inform. Between a love for the creepy crawlies both real and imagined as well as folklore and mythology and a desire to educate, I’ve started my first foray into the small press scene to share my excitement for these topics with others.

Fahmida Azim and Elly Call

Zines of mini-comics, anthologies, and illustrations made by a both rva artists and vcu students.

Feminism is for Everyone @ UVA

FIFE’s zine is a semesterly, feminist, do-it-ourselves booklet chock full of submissions like art, poetry, and opinion pieces. Our themes from the past two semesters have been “Gender in Fiction” and “SEX.” Anyone is welcome to submit, but production takes place at UVA in Charlottesville.

Friends with PUNefits

This is it, the zine for friends who love puns. One sunny Chicago day, two friends named Danny & Leah found a used copy of Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” single on vinyl, drank a pitcher of beer, and made dozens of puns on the phrase “friends with benefits.” Each page includes text and illustrations. Ex: A friend who draws designs on your hands … is a friend with hennafits. // Your space pioneer friend … is a friend with John Glenn-efits.


Started in 2013 by Set and Rachel after a a day spent floating around the SF Zine Fest and riding bikes to the ocean and back a phrase was overheard on the street. “It’s like, you know, riding the Greyhound Bus From Wherever 2 Wherever,” That was it. The zine was born. GBFW2W. The open road of zines.


Fun comix and drawings! Release of the first issue of “She Roach”, a cosmic comic about a killer alien girl metal duo! Prints, trading cards, mini comix, wahoo!

God Bless Generica

Operations Manual specializes in heavy-handed mixed messages, subversive whimsy, universal parody, pseudo-profundities, bastardized ideologies, audacious conjecture, superfluous nomenclature, lifted literature, and cheesy graphics.

The Gorgon Transplant

Grounded comics with a pretentious name.

Ha transplant

Ha transplant are a collaborative duo who have been working together for almost two years. They met at Tan A Supermarket, and have since produced multimedia performances, YouTube playlists, Google Maps, beautiful memories, photographs, poetry, zines and more since. You can keep up with us on insta @ha_nt

Halloween Fun

Halloween Fun is a three-part journey thru ecstasy n’ agony, visions n’ nightmares. Will our hero, pure of heart, emerge triumphant in the battle of good vs evil?

Harrington Comics

Harrington Comics is a small alternative comics publisher from Norfolk, VA. Puttin out drawrins.

Horse Girl Print Shop

Horse Girl Print Shop is prints, zines, and works on paper by VCUarts graduate and Richmond native Zoe Golden. She lives with two dogs, two cats, and a shoegazing crybaby who also makes zines.

hunter and jordan

we believe that kids should play 24 hours a day. maybe 24 hours a day is a bit strong, but sleep is like night play. follow your dreams.

Iain McLennan Duffus

Up for sale or trade: Zine series with my homie’s thoughts and the drawings I decide to put with them, as well as some one-of-a-kind illustrated bookart put together by myself and Wifey. ThugFace. CementDildo. SweatpantsBoners.

Jacky Paper Studios

Jacky Paper Studios– Jack Park is a local cartoonist. He’s selling Zines and comics of his musings on Very Important Things– like Art, Politics, Religion, and Superheroes.

Jas Battle

This zine was created by a POC with the contributions of other POC’s from the queer, punk, radical, LGBTQIA, creative and outcast communities in the state of Virginia. It is vital to acknowledge the different intersections that people of color share. Our stories will be shared here.

Jasmine P

Jasmine has spent most of her life in Virginia. She thought Biology was the one for her in college, but had an amicable break up when the Chemistry got too difficult. She finished strong returning to her lifelong love, Art and focused her attention on Comics. Her stories include autobio comics, teenage friendship and a goat who has been cursed by a grim reaper.

Joe Mochove & Rusty Rowley

Joe and Rusty created the first zine approximately 12,000 years ago. While exhibiting at the Swiderian Zine Fest, they fell victim to a tragic and massive amber accident. Once thought lost to the ages, their pristine cadavers and groundbreaking zine, “Dirt First”, were recently discovered by zine archaeologists. Advanced DNA sequencing allowed scientists to clone not only these print pioneers but also their legendary tome. Come meet the modern Joe and Rusty, Joe and Rusty, at Richmond Zine Fest Twenty-Fiftayn

Karen Friedt

Kat Lyons

JELLY ROLL makes losers into winners and runts into dogs. It’s about belonging somewhere you’re not supposed to be.

Kelli Moore

Two projects: Project 1: A comic based zine about shenanigans the famous actor Bill Murray gets into. Project 2: A personal zine about my Richmond life that others might relate to.

Kidd Cosmos

Short comedic comic zines about finding humor in life’s garbage.

Laura Bittner

I am a writer from Florida. My work can also be found in Elbow Room compilations, RVA Mag, The Dominion Collective and the Citrus County Chronicle.


Introspective, intimate, intuitive zines in a variety of formats, such as interactive, choose-your-own-adventure, and URL, containing poetry, drawings, thoughts, and other creative ephemera.

Mara Hyman

Marc Sterling

3 free one page zines, possible sale of books and/or cds, examples of zines OOP

Margaret Via

Flying Pigs Press

I work on zines that fall under the category, ‘perzine’, focusing on visual storytelling. Often abstract but nonetheless rooted in the everyday, these are odes to common experience.

Matthew Conover

My zines are collections of poems and short essays about my experience of meditation, specifically within the context of a long trip I took to India earlier this year, and also of bartending.

Maya White-Lurie

Ilk & Kin is a writing zine that focuses on connections of all kinds. This is the second volume.

Mira Ko

Selling a series of zines, including the 4 I have up on https://gumroad.com/meerberr. All include full color paintings. Comic zines are in the process, as well as collectives of sketches. Patches I have left over from the Light Grey Art Lab Patches + Stitches show will also be for sale.

Mister Oura

Experimental zines, comic zines, art zines, funny zines, serious zines, and everything between. Also customized and handmade toys and dolls and things.

Molly Fair

Morgan Kendrick SawyerSishir Bommakanti / Stachesquatch Design

Morgan Kendric Sawyer (b. 1987) is an illustrator and painter. He has done several freelance projects for various company’s as well as designed several T-Shirts for competitions. Morgan is currently inspired by the artists around him as well as sequential based art works. He is currently working to create and finish a series of sequential illustrations as well as comics. Sishir Bommakanti: My name Sishir. I make Visual Narratives. I am a storyteller. One who can provide his visual narratives to a inclusive audience. To be able to accurately portray current events without prejudice and create dialogue amongst viewers. To be an illustrator is to be a communicator, writer, journalist and an adventurer. Stachesquatch Design: I am an illustrator/designer/screenprinter located in Richmond, Virginia. My studio is located at 30’60’90’ Studio Collective in Jackson Ward.

Nicole Harring

Chipped Teeth/Bitch Craft

Chipped Teeth is my perzine which discusses a variety of issues but focuses mainly on mental health, surviving abuse, personal stories and sometimes photos. I made issue three during a zine residency with Mend My Dress Press and am currently finishing issue four. Bitch Craft is a D.I.Y based zine full of practical tutorials, vegan recipes, and also highlights the lives of different anarchists + feminists. Issues also include reading lists, playlists, and interviews with different female artists.

Nicole Horton and Jason Roundtree

The Thousands Stand & Chant is a zine about English football hooliganism. It is intended not to romanticize the culture, but revel in its fascinating and absurd nature.

Gelled Bangs is the story of the legendary surf rock band’s demise…bummer, dude.

Nicole Killian

Nobody Has More Fun Than We Do

We are a family of zine-makers! Each family member makes their own zine, with a little help from the rest of the family.

Olivia LeClair

An illustrator, animator, and musician based in Richmond, Virginia. Her comic, The Woods at Mountain Lake was made while assisting field recordings the Mountain Lake Biological Station Residency. It is about her experiences and thoughts about being stuck in the mountains for two weeks spending downtime befriending moths, being afraid of bees, and having some queer girl feelings.

Open Minds

Owen James

Art zines and illustrations. Sexy flowers & obsessive aesthetics.

Petal Flesh Collective

Personal Narrative Zine with a focus on being more awkward to make things less awkward.


POCollective is a creative collective of people of color. We organize to make room for people of color in creative spaces as well as community build and network. We are tabling to provide more information about ourselves and to sell our work.


visual ponderings by sarah apple 

also featuring Birds: the Coloring Book (zine) and the follow up zine to last years “All My Minor Failings” !!

Pull Haul Press

I am an artist, writer, and collector of words and stories. Pull Haul Press aims to celebrate, mediate, and alleviate the weight of the things that we pull and haul every day.

Pu$$y Palace

We are a small collective of women living together and making work in the Richmond area spanning from printmaking, film, photography, painting, design, and digital experimentation!

QbyQ Press

QbyQ is a small independent press. QbyQ Press seeks to foster creative connections and growth through collaborative bookmaking. We publish small runs of poetry, art books, and photography, as well as other fragments, journals, sketchbooks, and ephemera. All of our products are hand made.

Quail Bell Magazine

Quail Bell Magazine is a place for real and unreal stories from around the world. Its sister, Quail Bell Press, releases socially-minded fiction, poetry, comics, and other creative projects.

Rachel Maves

I’m a local artist currently living in Washington D.C. (used to live in Richmond). Most of my zines and comics involve stories of silence, anxieties of adult-ing around, day-to-day magic realism and cats. My projects are for fun and self promotion but mostly to converse with other like-minded beings.


Nora’s Zines: “Cleavage,” about the fissures between things; “Coffee,” about nothing, “Romance,” an illustrated poem loosely based on “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight.” Clare’s zines: “Knight of Swords,” poems about blood, guts, and witchcraft (original and expanded editions); “viewfinder.txt,” fragments about landscapes; “bloop blorp,” a catalog of small abstract drawings.

Raven Mack

Raven Mack is founder of Rojonekku Word Fighting Arts nonsense life survival systems, utilizing the untangling release of words, images, and arts to try and not get choked to death by the internal tangles of existence. His word-based fighting systems are starting to be expanded upon by younger, fresher forces, notably his eldest daughter Gypsy Mack.

Ray Ray Books

Founded in 2012, RAY RAY BOOKS is a publisher of exceptional up-and-coming artists, cartoonists and writers.

Rebecca Metcalf

Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

RRFP is an organization that forefronts a Reproductive Justice (RJ) framework in its mission. We know that realizing RJ in our work is a continual effort and cannot happen solely through abortion funding, though it is an important and large part of our work. Our zines include info about RRFP and about obtaining an abortion, VA area resource guides, a Choice Your Own Adventure zine created in our workshop, client stories, and more.

Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics

Retrofit Comics/Big Planet Comics publish comics from an international group of cool comics creators! We try to focus on shorter works to allow artists to experiment, but we’ve published some longer stuff too.

Robert Mitchell Jr.

I am a writer, martial artist and mystic who has been tabling at RVA Zinefest since 2010 and making ‘zines since the 80s. I bring tons of zines old and new, books, and artwork all designed to inspire, challenge, scare, uplift and electrify.

Sad Girl Shoppe

Sad Girl Shoppe is a project started by Kamille Jackson and Janet George to get the things they think and feel and make out into the world. We create stuff that aims to spread awareness about a complete spectrum of emotional health and we support the radical idea that young people do not have to pretend to be happy with what they are given by older people in order to succeed.


Seed is a collaborative effort between myself and comrades across the country who contribute poetry, illustrations, fiction, musings, recipes, crossword puzzle, and fotos. Seed is fun, punny, queer, eco-friendly, and on a Diet Socialist regime.

Sink/Swim Press


“Flaunt Your Fluff” is a body positive zine about body hair and how it should be proudly paraded. I also have “Modern Mythos” and update on how mythology applies to our current times, “Felis Leon” a short prose illustrated story published in zine format and a self published comic series “Mt. Olyphant” about the Greek gods reincarnated in a psychiatric ward.

Studio Two Three

the sub-sub-sub group

the sub-sub-sub group is a shadowy collective of makers. known mainly for their annual halloween publication, The Spooklet, they also irregularly produce other zines, pamphlets, hand bound books, and ephemera.

Take it easy

Laminated illustrations, nice cards and folded zines about life or chaos.

Team KK

Team KK (Kendra and K.T.) hail from the D.C. area, and spend their time walking and eating when they aren’t making zines and comics. They’ll have Nic Cage Fun & Activity Books, Cinema Shots (cocktail recipes based on movies), and D&D zines chronicling various Dungeons & Dragons campaigns.

Telegraph Art & Comics

We’re a comics shop / art gallery – We work with comic book artists and zine illustrators all over the world to make posters that are all hand printed in limited editions. We show our posters at SPX, TCAF, New York Comic Con, and Smudge expo in DC. Our shop also specializes in zines and small press by local Charlottesville / greater Virginia artists. oxo Kate & David

Unicorn Poop

A magnificent spectacular personal series of zines written as proof that it is impossible to eradicate the word “like” from my vocabulary.

Vinyl Vagabonds

Vinyl Vagabonds is a music and art focused zine inspired by the medium of vinyl records–anything about the triumphs and tragedies involved with vinyl music. The Vinyl Vagabonds also make mini-comics totally unrelated to music featuring the characters of Mr. Squibly and Terrified Pickle.

Voyeurism/Transient Press

I try to write stories like I’m telling them on a porch. My zines usually spring into being out of memories from vagabondage with a strong sense of place.

Wade Mickley

The Word Distro

Distribute lots of different zines. Mostly fun stuff: sex, food, cats and whatever interests us.

Do you have other images and things we can add to our archive for 2015? Email us at zine.fest@richmondzinefest.info with subject line: RZF Archive ❤