8th Annual Richmond Zine Fest

Artist: Mara Hyman

Date: October 4th, 2014

Time: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location: Gay Community Center of Richmond, 1407 Sherwood Ave.

Programming | Exhibitors

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11:30 – 12:00: Deep Topics for Small Pockets w/ Alane Cameron Miles (Ages 13+)

Location: Fishbowl

Alane Cameron Miles is a hospice chaplain, professional public speaker and host of Death Club Radio on WRIR 97.3, and she started using zines as an alternative way to discuss death and dying with people.

She’ll talk about a legacy of addressing tough topics through indie press and zines. 30 minute presentation with discussion throughout.

Meta topics in presentation = Death and dying, zine history, humor, comics, LGBT zines, hospice, independent radio.

Some language is PG 13 due to titles of famous zines and indie press.

1:00-1:45:  Bookmaking w/ Christine Rucker (All ages)

Location: Makers Space

Qbyq makes books and likes to share those skillz!

Learn how to make your own Qlog/plastic books. They’re approximately 3″x5″ made with cool white bond paper. Upcycle your book by bringing your own plastic bags!

2:00 – 3:00 Choice Your Own Adventure: A Zine-making Workshop about Abortion Access in VA w/ RRFP(All ages, but content/subject is mature)

Location: Fishbowl

Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project (RRFP) is a grassroots, all-volunteer abortion fund that services VA residents and folks in surrounding communities. We offer grants to women and gender-variant folks to pay for abortion procedures and also provide practical support (lodging, transportation, meals, childcare, etc) to bridge the gap between healthcare and access.

Choice Your Own Adventure is an interactive zine-making workshop where participants navigate the barriers to abortion access in Virginia. You’ll leave this workshop with your own personalized zine and some knowledge about what “choice” really looks like.

Note: workshop is text heavy and in the English language. We can accommodate folks who have movement accessibility issues and/or want help with reading.

2:00-2:45: Kid Zine! w/ Phil Ford (All ages)

Location: Makers Space

The creative process for youth is vastly important not only for kids but also for the future zine makers out there. Teaching zine basics including your passion, consistent voice, folding styles, types of zines and keeping it fun.

3:00-4:00: Intro to Beekeeping w/ Cath! and Jack (All ages)

Location: Makers Space

Honeyguts Apiaries has been built up in RVA over the last 5 years by two queer punx (Jack Weisskohl & Cath! Cowan) who are dedicated to studying, using, and promoting holistic healthcare practices everyday. The Apiary is a part of the Weed It, Then Eat It! Apothecary, which focuses on holistic healthcare through Herbalism. Since a beehive is a living medicine chest, they utilize Apitherapy in their Apothecary practices. Cath! and Jack tend bees all around Virginia, facilitate workshops regularly, and get stung even more often (it’s good for you, don’t sweat it). They’d be delighted if you tended bees as well, or in the very least planted native pollinator gardens with yr friends.

Do ya like to eat? Did ya know that honeybees are responsible for pollinating 1/3 of everything consume? Which native plants can we plant to provide bees with enough forage to survive? How can you get involved with beekeeping communities in yer area? Come ask questions with other “newbees” & learn how to become a Beekeeper!! (even with little money & a tiny space). Please bring a friend to participate, some challenging queries, and silly bee jokes to share.


Aardvark Farms

Aardvark Farms / Fear Head

My table is to showcase old zines from late 1980’s to early 1990’s that I was part of; including some special reprints for sale. I published at least a dozen Comix during those fruitful years. Also I want to show some of my current work and hopefully participate in some collaborations too! You never know what will happen!

Adequate Artist Studios

3 artists, each selling a zine they have made. One is about the process of ecology research, focusing on a team at VCU that studies the Prothonotary Warbler, the other zines’ content tbd.

Aijung Kim

Sprout Head

I make zines with hand-drawn illustrations, poetry, and personal musings. I also make linocuts, notecards, and an oracle deck called “The Golden Moth Illumination Deck.”

Alane Cameron Miles

Death Club Radio

Alane Cameron Miles is a death and dying expert who teaches, writes, and hosts Death Club Radio, a talk show on WRIR 97.3. Her zines share helpful insight on death and dying while also managing to include humor. She was a featured speaker at this year’s Atlanta Zine Fest.

Alexander Knowlton

Stomach Punch

A collection of self- published comics that range from fiction to non fictional, one authored anthologies.

Anita Rose

Sale Into the 90s

A short Zine based on my 1980s/1990s history blog about ridiculousness from that era.

Bairbre Aine

Zines- All handmade, original work/art, hand drawn, manually typed/stamped and photocopied by me (Bairbre Aine). I’m new to making my own Zines, BUT, I’m not new to them as an avid appreciative. My work reflects my adventures in Art, Music, World Travel, Food, Graffiti Art & Love.

Barely There

Barely There is currently operating as a distro for international publications + printed matter with future plans of expanding to a mobile artbook store/zine truck.

Ben Miller

Cool Sports Stories For Kids

Cool Sports Stories For Kids (not suitable for children) is a zine of sports stories with really good paintings that go with them. Most of the stories are true, but some are made up. And some are made up and true.

Brennen Perry and Anna Tregurtha

PT press

We are going to be distributing five art zines as well as prints and stickers. Our zines primarily focus on collage and re-use of images.

Brian Baynes

Time Shifting / Too Far?? Too Late??

I make zines about movies that are exclusively on VHS as of now. Highlighting my favorites and some of the best, sometimes with interviews. I also have a cassette zine that features live recordings from Richmond punk bands at local venues and houses.

Brian McDaniel

brian mcdinosaur

Brian is a human being living in Richmond, Virginia. His zines range from documentation of memories and feelings of life’s experiences.

Broken Window Press

small, anarchist lit distributor based in richmond, va.

Caitlin Crow, Tawny Davis

Flourish / Surface

“Surface” by Tawny Davis and “Flourish” by Caitlin Crow are the result of a shared interest in nature and the playfulness of youth, manifested in our bold yet introspective visual creations.

Celina Nicole

Mean Girl / Instaku / I’m A-List, Bitches!: A True Story of a Badass Kardashian Game Addict & maybe more if she doesn’t procrastinate

Celina is a photographer and writer who is a professional hoarder of comics and zines at James Branch Cabell Library. She takes way too many pictures of her roommate’s cats to be normal. If she has any zines ready and printed, it’ll be all thanks to her mother.

Christine Skelly


SkellyScribbles represents the comic series Mt. Olyphant and zine series Modern Mythos about how old cultural myths have fallen away to make way for contemporary values that we hold dear. “Meditations on Creativity” is another zine series about the strange and sometimes trying habits of being a creative individual. Read, commiserate, and discover that it’s okay, there are others like you.


A Richmond based publisher/collective focused on small-run comix and zines. CLOWN-KISSES PRESS is made up of artist/graphic designer James Mchperson, writer/illustrator Rellie Brewer, and cartoonist/musician Harrison Stewart. Comix of all shapes and sizes ranging from teen-drama, magical realism, funny books, mysteries, country and western, fiction, non-fiction, folklore, futurism, christmas, cryptozoology, et al.

Color Bean Zines

4 Artists exhibiting and selling 1-2 zines each, themes centered around magical realism

DC Zinefest

D.C. Zinefest is a yearly celebration of independent publishing held in our nation’s capital! The fourth annual DCZF was held on August 9, 2014.


My name is dave and I make brutally honest reality zines that deal with real life, death, veganism, anarchism, and alternative travel. I strive to create things that are true, bold, raw, and very wordy.

Dusty and Friends


i make informational zines with pinups. its v queer. also sad poems. not sure about 2 others

Elation Press

Brooklyn DIY!

anarchists // punks // queers // freaks // underdogs // literary geeks

To the rich soul of a well indulged heart, rising in the morning with mind to question everything; long walks, quiet afternoons, hand-holding, strange adventures; endless cultivation of compassion, knowledge, heart; sharing all that is born inside you. Elation Press is a hopeful attempt.

Elation Press is a DIY publishing company & zine distro based in Brooklyn, NY.

Emily DuBois

one-electron universe

a webcomic largely about the art of inept conversation with a strong feminine voice meets watercolor collages of surreal celestial landscapes.

Emma Karin Eriksson

Pretty // Dirty

Pretty Dirty boasts the projects of Emma Karin Eriksson: Radical Domesticity and Hang Ups & Hard Work. One a DIY home keeping and care guide packed with tips and tid bits from the botanical name for Sunflower to making a chore chart roommates will use. The other one is about sex and stuff.

Enemies of the People

Enemies of the People/ Baby Madonna work

Zines and stickers of famous faces of “enemies of the people”. Top sellers include the queen of England and pop icons!


With the goal of getting more people to consider and discuss the feminist angle of all sorts of aspects of life on Earth, we at FIFE put out a zine full of art and creative writing, with a different topic every semester. (everything from mythology to mental health!) Our zine also includes a variety of opinions from a variety of opinion-holders responding questions related to each zine’s topic in order to really start a conversation.

Gareth Bentall and Zoe Sarris


Richmond-based partnership that is rippling with excitement to provide quality comix and zines for yr reading pleasure. Chats are just as welcome as trades.

gutterfly grls

personal printed zines, patches and prints. Most prints are collaborative. Zines are composed of poems short stories and images.

Hannah Morgan

Circular Thoughts

“Circular Thoughts” and other zines by Hannah Morgan revolve around the subjects of mental health, consciousness, and day-to-day living.

Harrington Comics

Greg Steele

Harrington Comics is a new comics and illustration zine based in Norfolk, VA.

Hirsute Heroines

In Hirsute Heroines, a series of illustrations by Hayley Blatte, the passive pinup girl is turned on its’ head transforming the cliched manicured muse into a dynamic diva. In these deceptively simple pencil drawings she combines elements of glamour and fantasy with the “grotesque” and “taboo” raising questions as to what is female beauty and identity in the modern western world.

House Special Press

Chris Kindred

House Special Press displays work from local illustrators and independent comic artists of color cutting their teeth in the industry.

I Love Bad Movies

I Love Bad Movies features essays, comics, and illustrations about great-bad films. Other zines include Come on Down: True Game Show Tales, Oh My / Oh No (Craigslist dating responses), Jungleland (a Bruce Springsteen zine) and more. Editors/publishers Matt and Kseniya also organize the Brooklyn Zine Fest, and Kseniya co-hosts the femme-centric film podcast Bonnie & Maude.

Jasmine P.

I draw comics and stuff. All traditional media art created in the past few years.

Joe Mochove & Rusty Rowley

Full Sanction & Dirt Worst

“Dirt Worst” was born in the jungles of Palm Beach, Florida, and grew mighty while supping at the nectarous breast of human love. Every issue is filled to the pulpy brim with joy and ribaldry, all in the service of obliterating the hate-riarchy. Joe and Rusty make it all up, even the true parts.

jordan fust & hunter graham

Forest through the trees

Hi, my favorite color is red. Hunter is unsure, but currently has been attracted to yellow. We are learning to tell stories, And we try to be nice



Juliana Phung & Kevin McKee

Pigeonhouse Studio is the artwork of Juliana Phung and Kevin McKee. Juliana’s art incorporates mycology and human sensuality in mixed media, while Kevin’s paintings are inspired by human cognition and philosophy.

Karnage Creations

Karnage Creations is the latest iteration of zines and creations by Mo Karnage. Featuring topics such as anarchism, pitbulls, haiku, coffee, queerness, witchcraft, veganism, sobriety, guns, redneckness, adventures, and more!

Kirk Carter

Kirk’s Comics

Kirk will have 3 full color zines, including 2 mini comics. Life Was Hardrecalls his crazy times growing up in Northern Maine in the 1960s.  You Can’t Do That With Comics is a compilation of gags and one-page comics stories that try out new comics ideas. Underfoot Abstracts is a collection of color photographs, where Kirk has composed pavement markings and bits of infrastructure to explore the question: “Are interesting subjects essential to interesting photographs?”

The Lacy Twins

We’ll have a collective variety of adult coloring books and comic zines, with a board game fold out designed zine of Richmond Virginia. As well some personal issues on Crohn’s Disease and other nick knacks that can be picked up at the event.

Liberate RVA

Liberate RVA is a non-political organization that advocates for a society based on consent. Our areas of outreach interests include peaceful parenting, agorism, voluntarysim, and free-market anarchism.

Lou Copeland

Phantom Projector

Lou Copeland is an Independent comics creator who has re-located to Richmond earlier this year. He has worked on projects published by DC Comics, Fantagraphics, and Dave Sim. His current project, HODAG, can be viewed at the Phantom Projector website at http://phantomprojector.com/hodag.html.

mara hyman

baby (baby) press

Mara Hyman is a Richmond based printmaker who makes poetry, drawing, and photography zines.

Michaela Amato

Loose Warp Ends

I am a question-asking, guinea-pig-loving, word-collecting, textile explorer. I weave physical forms on the loom, but the loom also acts as a place of consideration, a place where I can empty my head of the strings of words that I have collected throughout the day, lay them flat on the surface before me, and locate myself and my identity among them. My zines and patches are inspired by that collection of thoughts, words, and ideas.

Maya White-Lurie

ilk & kin

ilk & kin is a zine of writing and art that focuses on connections. A handful of Richmond contributors created it.

Monica Yi

Bookmarking Da Spirit Through Dial-Up: Coming of Age in America (Online)

“Bookmarking Da Spirit Through Dial-Up: Coming of Age in America (Online) by Monica Yi collects a number of nostalgic short stories recalling experiences like getting the household “wired” and gossiping on AOL after school. The text is broken up with full page collages of early computer effects and drawings done in Paint. Going through it is a total time warp.”

–from Amigos Publishing

A new edition follows up with more shorts in the ever evolving *net*scape of Yi’s relationship to/from/within the internet. In addition to the 2nd edition, limited edition all over digital print t-shirts will also be available for purchase.

Each edition numbered and signed by the designer.

nora burghardt


I have a few volumes of “cleavage,” my zine of illustrated short stories and “cleavage: the coloring book,” and I’m working on a few kodexes and mini books.

I would like to also put out some handmade books and larger screen prints of the images from “cleavage.”


“Guaranteed Results”

A DVD/VHS release of a compilation of music videos made solely through appropriated VHS footage featuring music from RVA electronic musicians.

DVDs will be screen printed with an insert in the case.

Olga Tsitlik


I write fairy tales, fiction, and creative non-fiction, and distribute my work in collaged zines. My writing is lyrical and often draws from fairy tale themes and aesthetics. My themes encompass coming of age, illness, immigration, abuse, sex work, queerness, and feminism.


Qbyq’s books have a conceptual basis to make your reading, writing, drawing, and data-entry experience truly unique. The Crystalline Line of Notebooks are made with a translucent vellum that accentuates the theme of past, present, and future. When you fill a page you turn it over to a sea of past thoughts.

Quail Bell Magazine

Quail Bell Magazine is a place for real and unreal stories. Our readers are curious, creative, and compassionate fairy punks who are citizens of the world. All members of The Quail Bell Crew respect and embrace all cultures, excluding only the sexist, racist, homophobic, and otherwise unkind and uncompromising.

Ray Ray Books

Founded in 2012, RAY RAY BOOKS is a publisher of exceptional up-and-coming artists, cartoonists and writers.

Titles include:

REPTILE MUSEUM by Cody Pickrodt

FLOWERING VINE by Laura Knetzger


CONSUMPTION by Jensine Eckwall

MODERNE LUV by Ohara Hale

Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics

Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics aim to publish floppy alt-comics, roughly one every month or two. We hope to help fill the hole left by Fantagraphics Books, Top Shelf Comix, and Drawn and Quarterly. We are revitalizing the floppy comic format as a publisher with a diverse set of artists who have a strong dedication to quality of work and to comics as a medium.

Richmond Industrial Workers of the World

The Industrial Workers of the World is a revolutionary labor union seeking to organize all workers as a class into one big union. We are the Richmond-area branch of the IWW and have zines and other literature about union organizing, workers’ rights and other labor-related issues.

Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

We will be tabling with the new RRFP zine, t-shirts, and zines from other abortion funds, doulas, and other reproductive justice related zines.

Rick Spears

The Auteur/ Teenagers From Mars/ Oni Press

Rick Spears is the writer of The Auteur from Oni Press and other comics including Teenagers From Mars, Black Metal, and Dead West.

Robert Mitchell Jr.

I am an independent writer, blogger, artist, and zinester responsible for a wide range material — both fiction (novels and short stories) to non-fiction (martial arts, mysticism, fitness, self-improvement, etc.). Been making ‘zines since the 80s and still going strong!

Ryan Elizabeth Martin

A smattering of zines produced at various times in various places.

Sarah Apple & Gwendolyn Wood


Multiple zines featuring the artwork of Sarah Apple, Gwendolyn Wood, and pals. “Sarah Apple & Gwendolyn Wood Present: the Birds of America”, “Terrarium Biomes”… and more????

Sink/Swim Press

Sink/Swim exists for comic book nerds and lit geeks alike. We exist for first-timers and seasoned artists. We make awesome things that make you want to venture out into the world and make your own awesome things.

The Spooklet

The Spooklet is a Halloween-themed zine/mini literary arts magazine published by the sub-sub-sub group in RVA and is quirkily scary, mildly frightening, eerie, supernatural, but not quite nightmare-inducing. The Spooklet 2014 is the 4th edition of The Spooklet.

Vegan Action

Vegan Action has several awesome vegan cookzines made by passionate cooks and bakers throughout the US and the UK. We will also have literature to share on promoting a plant-based diet to better the animals, the environment and human health.

The Virginia Defender

The Virginia Defender is a quarterly newspaper serving the state of Virginia since 2004. We provide news and analysis by and for working-class people, with an emphasis on the black community.


We are the zinesters of WXJM, student run radio from james madison university in harrisonburg, virginia. we’re a pretty small town, but our two mile radius of music scene is not one to go unnoticed. that’s where we come in – from the basement of blue nile to the all night aftershows of macrock, our goal at wxjm is to bring independent music to the jmu student body and harrisonburg community. we’re on air 22 hours a day and now we come to you in print form! this zine is a collaborative effort from all of us at wxjm, featuring our art, music, and writing. oh and if you’re in the neighborhood, don’t forget to tune in at 88.7 fm or stream us online at wxjm.org.

Yankee Pope

Single panel jokes for humans. Do you have a job? A family? These comics are for you.

Zines by Wade & Karen

Wade Mickley and Karen Freidt (Husband and wife, fine artists, illustrators, and graphic designers) making zines.

Do you have other images and things we can add to our archive for 2014? Email us at zine.fest@richmondzinefest.info with subject line: RZF Archive ❤