6th Annual Richmond Zine Fest

Artist: Chloe

Date: October 5th, 2012

Time: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Location: Gay Community Center of Richmond, 1407 Sherwood Ave.

Programming | Exhibitors

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12pm – Radical Mental Health

This workshop will introduce folks to the idea of mental health from a radical, community-supported model, that encourages both proscriptive and prescriptive action to maintain mental wellness on individual and community levels. This workshop will be of use to those feeling burnt out, isolated, depressed, overwhelmed in life, in work, in activism, as well as those just curious on radical alternatives.

Mind(ful) Liberation Project has brought a much-needed radical activist approach to mental well-being in RVA. We work tirelessly in destigmatizing and speaking out about differing mental health concerns termed “mental illnesses” or “disorders” by the Psychiatric Industrial Complex. We were founded in 2010 with the idea that we can empower ourselves and our communities to candidly and openly talk about mental health and alternatives to mainstream mental health services. We work to create options and choices that are available to all.

Our principles include working beyond the medical model of mental health, educating ourselves about alternatives, balancing wellness and action, non-judgment and respect for diversity, non-hierarchy and anti-oppression, nonviolence, and transparency.

1pm – Journaling as Art

Anya Lynn Garten has been journaling since she was seven and some excerpts have been published online and in literary journals. She will be sharing her work that has been published and her passion for journaling. Often the journal is discounted as an art form. She wants to encourage how journaling can be a form of art, based on word choice and subject matter. Artistic journaling often leads to the publication of personal essays and memoirs–the foundation for which is the ability to journal artistically. Students will be asked to write and each student’s work will be workshopped in a group setting.

2pm – Introduction to Liberate RVA

Liberate RVA is a freedom movement against the occupation of violence in our community. If you’re curious about how to achieve real freedom in our lifetime, please join us in an active discussion and introduction in understanding what this freedom movement is all about.

3pm – Creative Writing: Short Fiction

What makes a good short story, and how do you tell it in limited space? Sit down with your fellow ‘Zinesters and talk about the art of writing short fiction. Get and share tips and tricks, and learn to avoid the traps and pitfalls.

4pm – Teen Workers’ Rights

The Richmond branch of the Industrial Workers of the World seeks to empower young workers by educating them about their rights as employees in Virginia. These include many special rights, restrictions and exceptions regarding pay, hours, safety and benefits. We want to share our idea of solidarity unionism and show that all workers, no matter what their age, have the right to stand up and defend themselves and their fellow workers. Participants will leave with a better understanding of their rights and detailed pamphlet and work journal.

5pm – Practicing Good Consent

A brief workshop designed to create a space through which we can discuss how to deepen our practice of consent in relationships. We will be discussing how to assess our own boundaries and desires, and how to maintain consent and accountability. Whether you are curious about learning how to practice consent or want a place to check in with your own boundaries and methods of communication, this is a safe space to do so.


Aijung Kim

Aijung Kim of Firefly Blind Press makes illustrated zines of poetry and personal musings. She will also read your fortune with divination cards that she illustrated called The Golden Moth Illumination Deck.

Anarchy And Antifa Zine

”Anarchy And Antifa” is a zine carrying stories from 13 year old Anarchist’s experiences with anti Fascism. It will include other articles regarding social justice, the young Anarchist’s talk with the Aryan Nations leader, and a in depth story of opposing a Nazi rally in D.C.

ArmzRace Comics

Often hilarious, sometimes sexy, occasionally horrific (re: politics–the scariest of genres), and always awesome, the ArmzRace crew offers reading delights for all kinds of interesting people, made by other interesting people. With titles such as Booty Call, ABCs of the USA, Why My Life Sucks, Cheap Shots and Cannon Fodder, our work is personal, political, pfunny, and powerful! The ArmzRace is a semi-collaborative effort to create comics, to learn, and to have a good time doing so. We welcome new collaborates with open armz.

Artists Christine Skelly, Morgan Sawyer and Jessica Foley

Richmond based artists Christine Skelly, Morgan Sawyer, and Jessica Foley will be presenting prints of their illustration and comic work.

Click Clack Distro

Click Clack Distro exists to put independent press into the hands of readers and to help people gain volume to their voice by providing zine distribution service. Click Clack is committed to carry zines with topics among the personal, political, DIY, How-To, skill sharing, mental health, and health topics as well as anything else that may fit in to alternative living and ideas.

Cody Pickrodt

Lost loves. Lost civilizations. Reptile Museum.

Cousin Oliver

Graffiti mini-mag. All original photography focusing on graffiti but with an emphasis on the American freight train graffiti scene. Includes interviews with writers, artists and bands.


Depictions of freights, graffiti, and other adventures.


Abrasive disaster zines from the less cool part of upstate New York. DIY, the vegan straightedge, anarchism, and misery. Living like pigeons.

Erica / Trebro

Breakfast at Twilight is a personal/political zine about bicycles, fan culture, and mental health. Secret Identity is a zine about gender and sexual identity. Together, they fight crime!

Fellow Workers

The IWW is an international labor union with over 100 years of experience practicing solidarity unionism, workplace democracy, and non-partisan anti-capitalism.

The Flying Brick Library

We are a radical lending library and community space located at 506 S Pine Street in the historic neighborhood of Oregon Hill in Richmond, Virginia. Our collection includes books, zines, periodicals, and other media about class, labor, feminism, sex, queer issues, immigration, anarchism, DIY, health, fiction, biography, art, film, religion, travel, psychology, peace, communism, poetry, plays, revolution, energy, environmentalism, animal rights, disability issues, gender, economics, urban studies, education, race, civil rights, and more!

Full Sanction & Dirt Worst

Joe and Rusty transform dreams into printed magic. Wrap yourself in their fantastical parchment and let the tomorrow of tomorrow be born.

Hazardous Materials Zine & Writing Workshop

We are a collectively-run, community-supported zine shop and writing studio. We seek to highlight and encourage the creative output of Richmond zinesters, writers, and DIY artists. Our shop is open Thursday – Monday, 1 – 6pm at 1806 Currie St. (above Rag & Bones Bike Co-op) and hosts weekly workshops in the evenings after-hours.

I Love Bad Movies

I Love Bad Movies is a collection of essays, illustrations, and comics about enjoyably bad films like Cool as Ice, Purple Rain, Old Dogs, The Room, and many more. Alternatingly hilarious and reverent. Our other zines include strange & mystifying sexcam stills, Craigslist personal ad exchanges, and true tales of game show experiences.


Tributaries is a per-zine about growing up with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. It focuses on how continually adjusting to the unpredictability of a physical disability can affect work choices, tricycle purchases, and romantic relationships.


Deafula is a humorous, straightforward, and informative perzine about what it’s like to be Deaf. In her zine, Kerri writes about the story of her hearing loss, the different ways it affects her life, tips for hearing people on how to be a better ally to deaf folks, and much more.

Laura McCann

Panorama is a collection of photos from a road trip around the country portraying the experience of travel and immersion.


D.I.Y. projects, Arts, and Agriculture for subculture homies.

Liberate RVA

Liberate RVA is a freedom movement against the occupation of violence in our community. But we’re also a fantastical mix of creative individuals who share a penchant for artistic endeavors, especially for zines!

li’l sassies

diy after dark. porch punk pitty parties–or something like it.

Mo Karnage with the Approaching Apocalypse Zine Distro and Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants zine

I’m Mo Karnage. I write Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants, a funny little personal but very political zine. I’ve been processing a lot in the past few years and haven’t made a new issue, and the issue I’m making for the Philly Feminist Zine Fest will be issue number 8 (I’m skipping 6 and 7 for now). I hope to go back to 7 and 8 one day. I help organize the Richmond Zine Fest, and am part of the Wingnut Anarchist Collective and various other activist/anarchist projects in the Richmond area.

O’Keefe Brothers Comics Revue

The first installment of a quarterly zine by four brothers. This zine compiles work from our Sunday comic meetings, which we established as a way of keeping in touch and staying creative.

Peculiar Comics

Peculiar Comics is stuff in the form of funnybooks and other sequential art. None of it’s very good, but it’s–at the very least–mildly entertaining and cheap.

Quail Bell Press & Productions

A print and online ‘zine dedicated to the imaginary, the nostalgic, and the otherworldly. That means art, culture, folklore, history, and other oddities.

Rachel Comics

Rachel’s autobiographical comics (based on high school diaries and the life of a twenty-something).

Rag and Bones Bicycle Co-op

Rag and Bones will be offering tool knowledge and bike repair as well as literature about cycling.


Don’t Tread On ME! is an American weekly news magazine published in New York City, United States (US). A European edition (Don’t Tread On ME! Europe, formerly known as Don’t Tread On ME! Atlantic) is published in London and also covers the Middle East, Africa and, since 2003, Latin America. An Asian edition (Don’t Tread On ME! Asia) is based in Hong Kong. The South Pacific edition, covering Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, is based in Sydney. In December 2008, Don’t Tread On ME! discontinued publishing a Canadian advertiser edition. Don’t Tread On ME! is the world’s largest circulation weekly news magazine with a readership of twenty-five million, of which twenty million are in the US. It is widely regarded as one of the most popular magazines in history. Richard Stengel has been the managing editor since May 2006.

Richmond Industrial Workers of the World

The Richmond, Virginia Industrial Workers of the World is a revolutionary labor union for all workers and by the workers.

Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project is an all volunteer, collectively run organization that provides practical and financial support for people seeking abortion services. RRFP uses a reproductive justice framework which links reproductive barriers with social justice issues.

Robert Mitchell

Robert Mitchell is a writer, martial arts expert, and occultist from Richmond, VA. His fiction works include the novels “Chatters on the Tide” and “Ghilan,” as well as numerous poems, ‘zines, comic books, and short pieces. His short-story “Sign of the Times” appears in the Fall 2012 issue of the Hulltown 360 Literary Journal.

Robert Ullman

Rob Ullman has been at the zine and mini-comics game for almost two decades, starting with Circle Press in 1993. His books run a full gamut from pin-up art to superhero romance, from slice of life autobiography to the history of the sport of hockey.

Something Something Press

Operating out of RVA, Something Something Press is organized and put together by two pretty awesome people. Housing zines, books, shirts, stickers, posters, and artwork within the realm of radical mental health from a myriad of people, experiences, and emotions from across the country.


SPARC stands for Supporting Prisoners and Acting for Radical Change. We have been active for the past few years addressing the abuse prisoners experience on a daily basis at the hands of prison officials. It is our view this is one front of the class struggle being waged against nationalities in order to oppress them from autonomously organizing against their economic impoverishment and we see it as our duty to assist in these organizing efforts against this particular form of oppression.

Special Education RVA

We are four artists based out of RVA. Our zines deal with rejection, desertion, and desserts, like vegan cupcakes (our favorite of course). WE got daniels wierd ass zine (*&^%$##) aka (domain), ALone on Prom Night James’s zine, and HArrison’s New Landscapes and Lonesome Utah, also i almost forgot to mention PRINTS PRINTS AND MORE PRINTS. Everything from silkscreen to lithography prints, and original art from Rellie the coolest cat on the block yo! So come on down dont be such a sissy.

Stay Ghoul Distro

Stay Ghoul is a distro based out of St.Pete, FL and Richmond, VA, run by two friends forever 819 miles apart. We carry neat things made by all of our friends in the D.I.Y scene.

Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness

Founded in late 2003, Strangers In A Tangled Wilderness is a rather small collective-run publisher of anarchist culture, (from history and theory to anarcho-comics, photography collections, and post-apocalyptic fiction), and the original publisher of SteamPunk Magazine. We are dedicated to making our work as cheaply available as possible, and to that end we give away print-quality PDFs of nearly everything we publish.

TVB press

we will have a handful of zines displaying a photographic display of railroad culture.

Virginia Cop Block’s Liberty Empowerment Project

Virgina Cop Block is a Police Accountability group in Virginia that’s mission is to eliminate double standards within the Law Enforcement Agencies realm, as well as hold Law Enforcement Officers and other Public Servants Accountable for their Actions. Virginia Cop Block also promotes the Philosophy of Liberty and the Non-Aggression Principle and other civil rights to include Jury Nullification. The mission of the Liberty Empowerment Project is to inform, educate & empower 10,000 + individuals in inner-city Richmond with information about individual rights, non-violence, Jury Nullification, Police Accountability and more!

Washboard by Tara

The first issue of Washboard was written back in 2000! I fell off the zine wagon, and now there are two new issues of Washboard, a perzine. One is a cathartic exploration of why nice guys finish last and the other is about the people I’m meeting in Richmond, VA after moving here from Cincinnati in mid-July.

We are all makers

Made by the hand into the hand, homie. An odd collection abstract comics, zines, patches, writings, and handmade goodies. Can’t pin us down. Really, we just want to chill.

You Are Not Alone

Personal zines and prints by Mara Hyman and friends.

Do you have other images and things we can add to our archive for 2012? Email us at zine.fest@richmondzinefest.info with subject line: RZF Archive ❤