5th Annual Richmond Zine Fest

Artist: Oura

Date: October 8, 2011

Time: 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Location: Gay Community Center of Richmond, 1407 Sherwood Ave.

Programming | Exhibitors

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12pm – Friendship Books!
ok, well, a friendship book is a rad, hand-made booklet that one person starts and decorates (with drawings, stickers, quotes, whatever you want!) and then mails it to another pen pal who decorates the next page, and so on. The recipients address is listed on the last page, and when the book is filled up with all the awesomeness and love from everyone, it’s sent on over to make their day!

1pm – Zines 101
Learn about the basics of zine-making with Patrick and Victoria. We’ll share our collection of zines, from candy-colored and silk-screened to stapled and xeroxed. You’ll learn a brief history of zines and we’ll offer tips on screen-printing your zines at home. Then we’ll close with a Gocco demonstration! What’s a Gocco you ask? It’s a compact screen-printing device outta Japan and oh-so-fun to use for making zines. Come!

2pm – The Green Scare with the Richmond Anarchist Black Cross

This workshop will be a discussion of what the Green Scare is (think Red Scare), how it affects activists today, and what can be done to fight it. There will be a lot of intro level material, but folks with more knowledge are encouraged to come share thoughts and ideas.

3pm – DIY Knitting with Edva

Learn to knit your own scarves and other fuzzy things to keep you warm this winter. Be a part of DIY culture, stay cozy, and make things you can sell or trade. She’ll go over the very basics of knitting: casting on, the basic stitches, and binding off.

4pm – Know Your Rights Workshop with Richmond Copwatch

This workshop will help participants learn the basics of asserting their rights when dealing with the police. We highly recommend this workshop for EVERYONE. But especially anyone who engages in any level of political protest or demonstrations.This workshop consists of skits that are performed by Copwatch members and then edited by participants from the audience. We encourage participation, questions, and dialogue around the topics covered in the skit. We are not lawyers, but we are able to provide useful information about a lot of legal questions. For more information about this workshop or Richmond Copwatch you can call 804 303 5449 or email sbhcopwatch@gmail.com

5pm – Cyberpunk Apocalypse Writers Project

Daniel McCloskey and associates will talk about the Cyberpunk Apocalypse writers project in Pittsburgh, PA. They will discuss what it takes to start and maintain a DIY writers’ co-op and share their experiences with touring writers, personal projects and publicity.


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Fun and learning for the entire family

AdHouse Books
AdHouse Books has been a boutique publishing juggernaut since the year of 2002. Over the years, they have won and been nominated for awards within the comic profession (Ignatz, Harvey, Eisner) and the design world (AIGA, Communication Arts, Domtar Paper). Their library of publications is an eclectic mix of sequential and illustrative arts.

Alex Wrekk: Brainscan Zine/Stolen Sharpie Revolution/ Small World Buttons
I have been making Brainscan zine since 1997 and I am the author of the book, Stolen Sharpie Revolution: A DIY Zine Resource. I table with my own zines and a small distro of friends’ zines. I am also the lady behind Small World Buttons and have several of my own catalog button designs.

Approaching Apocalypse Zine Distro
Approaching Apocalypse is a ZIne Distro that focuses on anarchist and DIY oriented zines. Of special interest to Approaching Apocalypse are vegan, straightedge, anarchist, travel and similar zines.

ArmzRace Comics
The ArmzRace is a semi-collaborative effort to produce comics, to learn, and to have a good time doing it. We make comics and zines in various genres, from personal to political, to humorous and analytical. We’re always looking for people who’d like to join; contact us if you are interested.

I make badzines and give them to good people.

The Center for the Duplicated Arts
The Center for the Duplicated Arts is a new project by photographer Melissa Grance. Through processes of repetition and duplication, the project explores how the copy becomes the original work of art.

Chili’s World
This is a comic about a penguin, a lemming, a cat and Alice (from Wonderland), that talks about relationships, philosophy and life with a sense of humor. I would be exhibiting zines and a collection of the webcomic.

Click Clack Distro
Located in Richmond, VA, Click Clack Distro exists to put independent press into the hands of readers and to help people gain volume to their voice by providing zine distribution service. Click Clack is committed to carry zines with topics among the personal, political, DIY, How-To, skill sharing, mental health, and health topics as well as anything else that may fit in to alternative living and ideas.

Cup and Saucer Press
Personal zines, short story collections, and journals from Brooklyn’s 1441 Writers Collective

Cyberpunk Apocalypse
We are a writers’ cooperative based in Pittsburgh, PA. Our space consists of two small houses that share a yard. Generally there are four long-term residents and one month-long resident living and writing in these two houses. In addition to our residency program, we host readings and other events, run a take-a-book-leave-a-book library, put out zines, and collaborate with other artists’ co-ops in Pittsburgh.

cell phone pix, road trip cross country, bubblegum

Abrasive, real, cynical material for the not-so-punx. Memoirs, poetry, graphic imagery, and vegan recipes. Hitchhiking around the country to this shindig.

Don’t Tread On ME!
It’s primarily the story of three friends working together on a zine, and how the stress of that work first brings them together, and ultimately tears them apart., DTM! also includes album reviews, essays, short fiction, advice columns, the story of Zachariah Williams, band interviews, and news about the punk community. We’re also the only news source brave enough to cover President Obama’s journey through space (TAKE THAT CNN!), and assorted other articles.

Fanciest Lumps & Black Cat Bakery
Rebecca Adams is a local blogger and baker. She can be found most days looking for the best brand of cocoa powder and experimenting with new recipes in her kitchen.

Mark Delboy works on a quirky and dark webcomic, Fanciest Lumps, as well as a new webcomic series based on Richmond called Richmondabulous.

For this year’s Zinefest, Rebecca has written ‘A Monsterous Appetite for Cake’, an advanced cookbook for those who are interested in veganism and the art of baking. Mark has created a cast of crazy but loveable cake creatures and monsters that add a certain charm and sense of mischief to the zine. Other zines, illustrations and perhaps food can also be found at this year’s table.

Firefly Blind Press
Firefly Blind Press produces lovingly illustrated zines of poetry and personal ramblings by Aijung Kim. Aijung also sells handmade prints and art, and will tell your fortune with a handmade deck of symbolic cards.

The Flying Brick Library
We are a radical lending library and community space located at 506 S. Pine St. in the historic neighborhood of Oregon Hill, in Richmond, VA. Our collection includes books, zines, periodicals, and other media about radical left and anti-authoritarian politics that are sometimes harder to find in regular libraries. Come see us during our open hours, Mondays from 9am to 4pm or Thursdays from 4pm to 9pm, or during one of the many events we host here!

Full Sanction
Our comics and zines are filled with great flava and tend to be ambidonktrous. They’re small, black and white and feel great in your hands. Don’t mess with us.

Gutwrench & List
Gutwrench and List are both from Philly these days. Comics, essays and anecdotes abound.

Hoax // You’ve Got A Friend In Pennsylvania
hoax is a queer feminist compilation zine that aims to explore the intersections of theory with our personal, everyday lives.

you’ve got a friend in pennsylvania is a perzine centered around queerness, feminism, survival, small-town life, traveling, broken hearts, punk, and storytelling.

Girls Rock! RVA
Girls Rock! RVA’s mission is to facilitate a space in Richmond that empowers girls to collaborate creatively in an environment of mutual respect and positive self-expression. To this end, we organize to host a week-long summer camp where girls learn instruments and play in bands together, but also participate in a series of workshops. 2011 Campers participated in a great zine-making workshop at our 2011 camp and we want to share their zine with y’all!

Hurry Up Chump
Hurry Up Chump is a mixed up, collage type of personal zine full of comics, games, recipes, ramblings, adventures through ADHD and hitch hiking around the united states. its chaotic and has a lot of varities of subject matter.

I Love Bad Movies
I Love Bad Movies is a collection of essays, comics, and illustrations about enjoyably bad films. Contributors include comedy writers, critics, film-makers, and other fellow cinema enthusiasts. Other zines include Oh My/Oh No and SexFace.

J.C. is an illustrator and occasional writer based in Washington, D.C. J.C. Comics creates and distributes English-language, Spanish-language, and bilingual comics and fanzines locally and internationally. Some titles include Chifa, a real-crime queer love story by JC, El Cerdo Volador by Jesús Cossio, and El Moco, by David Galliquio.

Lips Richmond
Lips Richmond is an independent magazine, or zine, distributed bi-annually in Richmond, VA. Lips is a fun and sexy alternative to popular magazines that objectify bodies and fail to speak honestly about sex. The pages are filled with artwork, doodles, poems, stories and essays about gender identity and sex submitted by women and sexual minorities living in the South.

When we encourage sexual expression, we begin to paint a more complete picture of sex and love. We hope readers will learn from others, and use this information to work towards achieving acceptance of self and others as well as healthy relationships based on mutual understanding and pleasure.

Mean Girl & Other Zines
Mean Girl is a zine with bits of humor and reflection. The content can seem pretty random at times, but as a whole it attempts to explore the truth and the tension between what we’re told about ourselves versus what we think and feel. Celina is a librarian who has been accused of “looking mean” since childhood. She puts a lot of effort to arrange her face to be friendlier but does admit to sometimes looking mean when she’s thinking or not thinking at all. Don’t let her facial expressions stop you from saying hello and checking out Mean Girl or one of her other zines!

Mind(ful) Liberation Project
A grassroots community mental health support and awareness group located in RVA.

Mister Oura
comics, toys, and one of a kind art books!

The Order of Seven Hills
We are a free and egalitarian martial arts club focusing on self defense, fitness, and spiritual growth. We produce ‘zines that are about our goal — to develop and nurture men and women capable of making the world a better place for themselves and all living things (and to have fun doing it).

Assorted intellectual and psuedo-intellectual clusterfuck aimed at devaluing everything and cherishing some things. Tread light. Leave nothing of value.

Parcell Press
A printing, publishing, and distribution outfit based in Richmond and Philadelphia, focusing on the best of the independent publishing world — zines, comics, books, and more. Celebrating its 8th year this fall!

Peculiar Comics
Peculiar Comics is a mixed bag of experimental and traditional explorations of the sequential art medium, ranging from vector-created digital strips to shadowbox comics. It’s also really freaking weird.

Phlegm Fatale zine
Phlegm Fatale is a personal zine about ugliness and equilibrium. Featuring stories from the past, stories from the future, stories from food service hell and from food service revenge-against-sexist-co-workers heaven, and, most importantly, stories from inside a polyester dog suit in a Kentucky alley.

PSL Publications
Our materials are written, researched, and distributed by the volunteer efforts of our members. Our materials are our collective voice, and, as such, they take a side (your side!). Based on true leftist analysis, we expose the wars, layoffs, budget cuts, homophobia, racism, and sexism in society while making suggestions for the betterment of humanity.

Quail Bell
Imaginary. Nostalgic. Otherworldly.

Richmond Anarchist Black Cross
The Richmond Anarchist Black Cross is an autonomous Collective committed to prison abolition and prisoner support. As anarchists we are oppossed to all systems of oppression and repression and have concluded that prisons serve no positive function in society. We actively seek to abolish the institutionalized slavery of the Prison Industrial Complex. We are dedicated to working in solidarity with prisoners and drawing connections between a multitude of struggles.

Richmond Food Not Bombs
Richmond Food Not Bombs is a group that has been serving a free vegetarian community meal in Monroe Park for over 17 years.
Food is a Right, Not a Privilege!
Solidarity Not Charity!

Richmond Industrial Workers of the World
The Richmond Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) is a labor union for all workers, in all industries. We are currently engaged in Richmond with organizing workers in the service industries, food & retail, as well as temp workers and providing solidarity and support for workers who feel their rights as workers may have been violated.

Shira Mario
Shira Mario is a perzine out of DC.

Special Collections & Archives’ Zine Collection
VCU Libraries’ Special Collections and Archives currently includes a collection of more than 500 zines. Stop by the table to learn more about the project to archive local, feminist, queer, identity, art, mini-comics, and other zines at the library. We’ll also have free copies of our first Zine Night Zine, created by attendees and participants from the after-hours event from Spring 2011.

Sink/Swim Press
Sink/Swim Press is a small publishing house based in Richmond,Va. We distribute zines, prints, music, and books. http://www.sinkswimpress.com

Special Education
Special Education is a comix collective from RVA specializing in Funny Books and Inspirations.

Parly Pork
A children’s book style zine with an uplifting story for the heart and mind. Gr8 for the young and the young at heart. Collectively written by Rellie Brewer and Harrison Stewart.

Just Something
I can skin a buck, I can run a trout-line, and all my rowdy friends are comin’ over tonight. A collection of drawings and musings by James Mcpherson.

Squibly Art
Vinyl Vagabonds is a blog/zine that Eric Gordon and Sara Shahlamian created about vinyl records and things that revolve around them. Eric also made Culture Vulture, which is a poetry/drawing thing that focuses on people surviving in the city. He also makes a ton of mini comics that are swell.

Wayward, Mildred Pierce
Mildred Pierce Issue #4 is a zine about alternative culture. The zine includes interviews, short stories, essays and other emphemera. Edited by Megan Milks and John Bylander, both formerly from Charlottesville, VA.

Wayward is a comic about dance spirits who get kicked out of ballet school through a trap door and fall into Wayward–a world of post-punk ballerinas, lecherous fauns, and other fantasmagorical aesthetic encounters.

Weed It, Then Eat It! Apothecary
Weed It, Then Eat It! Apothecary is a local health collective focused on using harm reduction for bringing medicine to the people! Topics of interest include a variety from kitchen apothecary with fermented foods to materia medica of medicinal herbals [most of which can be found locally!] Debunking “weed”-negativity and educating ourselves about many amazing plants like dandelion, violet, chickweed, and red clover! In additon to zines on a variety of health-related topics, home-made tinctures, teas, and salves will also be for sale.

The Wingnut Anarchist Collective
The Wingnut Anarchist Collective is located in Richmond, Virginia and is involved in a variety of projects around the city. Some projects include- Richmond Copwatch, Richmond Anarchist Black Cross, Food Not Bombs, and the Really Really Free Market. The Wingnut creates its own zines and literature – from funny zines, to theory, to how to. The Wingnut tries to make information and ideas more accessible through distribution of literature.

Yeah Dude Comics/Paping Zine
Yeah Dude Comics is a Northeast US zine distro, selling alongside Matt Wiegle, Sally Madden and Kiril Tchangov of Paping Zine who will provide zines, fine art, and card games for adults and children alike!

Do you have other images and things we can add to our archive for 2011? Email us at zine.fest@richmondzinefest.info with subject line: RZF Archive ❤