3rd Annual Richmond Zine Fest

RZF 2009

Dates: November 6 (First Friday Art Exhibit and Tabling) & November 7 (Tabling and Workshops)

Time: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location: Gallery 5, 200 W. Marshall St.

Programming | Exhibitors

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Programming – Saturday

11:30am-12:30pm – Stash: Personal and Community Issues around Substance Use

Taught by local poet and activist Liz Canfield and local activist Quillin Drew. An interactive, facilitated discussion and info-share about issues of substance use harm reduction, “use vs. abuse,” straightedge, and how punk communities structure themselves around ideologies and practices of substance use and/or substance abstention. We will also facilitate a discussion about how publishing/zine making factors into personal and community reactions to these issues.

12:15-2:45pm – Introduction to Book Art

Viewers and readers will have a unique opportunity to see and touch actual works of art based on the book form. Viewers will look at a variety of artists’ books from VCU Libraries’ Book Art Collection. Taught by Gay Acompanado, Archival Assistant of the Arts at Special Collections & Archives in Cabell Library.

2:30-3:30pm – Distribution of Zines

A how-to on getting your zine out in the world. Learn to utilize the system of trades, Etsy, zine distros, etc. Taught by Alex Wrekk of Brainscan Zine and Stolen Sharpie Revolution and Nicole Harris of Click Clack Distro and Introvert Zine.

3:45-4:45pm – The Prison Industrial System and Prisoner Support

Taught by Mo Karn, a local activist and zinester who runs Approaching Apocalypse Distro and writes the zine Cuddle Puddles and Hot Pants. This workshop will explore the current prison industrial complex, introducing people to the topic and revelant issues. The workshop will discuss the injustice of the system. The workshop will also show examples of how this issue has manifested itself in the zine world. Examples of zines written by prisoners and about prisoners will be shown. A discussion of why the zine medium is popular for this subjected will be talked about. There will information provided on how people in the zine community can provide support for prisoners.


Absent Cause & Fat Grrrlz – Greg Butterfield & Brandi Lee / http://www.absent-cause.org Tabling Both Days.

Always Comix – Sarah Louise Wahrhaftig / alwayscomix.blogspot.com Tabling Both Days.

Annus Horriblis, Childlike Empress, Systris Reader – Raequel Solomon Tabling Saturday Only.

Approaching Apocalypse Distro – Mo Karn Tabling Both Days.

Betrayed Zine – Ross Kerr / betrayedzine.blogspot.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Black Light Diner Distro – Erica Satifka / http://www.blacklightdiner.com Tabling Both Days.

Brainscan Zine – Alex Wrekk from Portland, Oregon brings her zine Brainscan and her DIY zine resource book Stolen Sharpie Revolution. Alex runs http://www.smallworldbuttons.com and will have some ziney buttons and magnets on hand as well. Also check out http://brainscan/etsy.com for more DIY goodness including custom buttons and magnets and Organic Craft roasted coffee. Tabling Both Days.

Bueno – Mauricio Escamilla / bueno.tumbr.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Click Clack Distro – Click Clack exists to put independent press into the hands of readers and to help people gain volume to their voice by providing zine distribution service. Click Clack is committed to carry zines with topics among the personal, political, DIY, How-To, skill sharing, mental health, and health topics as well as anything else that may fit in to alternative living and ideas. http://www.clickclackdistro.com Tabling Both Days.

Cup and Saucer Press – Eric Nelson / cupandsaucer.tumblr.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Digital Worm Zine – ashleighADDICT Tabling Saturday Only.

Don’t Tread on Me – Ratso / http://sites.google.com/site/dtomzine/e-zines Tabling Saturday Only.

Either/Or: The Story of My Gender – Lyle Werner Tabling Saturday Only.

Firefly Blind Press – I make original art, prints, crafts, and zines. My zines consist of my illustrated poetry and a perzine serial called “Minutiae” that is filled with drawings and writing inspired by little events and observations from my daily life. Lately, it seems I have an idea for a new zine everyday, but enough time for my hands to catch up with my brain! I am currently working on incorporating different ways o using a photocopier and simple tools to make zines that fold, twist, and open up in a more interactive way. Tabling Saturday Only.

FlashPaperPoetry Publications/Tiny Books – Shann Palmer / flashpaperpublications.blogspot.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Four Star Daydream Zine – Fawne DeRosia / http://www.momentofstars.net Tabling Saturday Only.

Free Knowledge Collective – Samantha Manchester / www. fkcollective.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Full Sanction – Joe Mochove & Rusty Rowley / http://www.fullsanction.com Tabling Both Days.

Goldmine Anthology – Andrew Kozlowski / goldmineanthology.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Infinite Abyss – Kylin Murren Tabling Saturday Only.

Jawhole Paper & Print – Keith Varadi / http://www.keithvaradi.com Tabling Both Days.

The La La Theory – Hi, I’m Katie and I make a number of zines, including The La-La Theory, a zine about language; a series of yard sale chronicles called White Elephants; and Obsolete, a collection of poems inspired by dead words. Contact me at: PO Box 284, Jenkintown, PA 19046, USA. http://www.thelalatheory.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Makeout Creek – Andrew Blossom / http://www.makeoutcreek.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Missed Connections – Nate Waggoner / http://www.natewaggoner.com Tabling Friday Only.

Molly Milkfish – Molly Bishop / mollymilkfish.blogspot.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Monster Fetus – Michael Skattum & Jared Bowditch Tabling Saturday Only.

Parcell Press – Taylor Ball / http://www.parcellpress.com Tabling Both Days.

Phantom Leg – Christine Young, Evan Skoal, & Jamie Felton / http://www.jamiefelton.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Pigeon House Press – Geneva Sessums Tabling Saturday Only.

Pipsqueek Giant – Rebecca Henderson Tabling Saturday Only.

Pop Faction – Oura Sananikone / http://www.ourasananikone.com Tabling Saturday Only.

RVA Magazine – Parker / http://www.rvamag.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Scene Language – Corey Marie makes comics, art and one-of-a-kind things like hand-bound journals and screenprinted pouches. Her ongoing comic book Scene Language is a comedic drama about a small town music and art scene. / http://www.coreymarie.com / http://coreymarie.etsy.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Sidenotes – Heidi Melin / http://www.burymeinleaves.etsy.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Simply Lark Press – Christine Stoddard / http://www.christinestoddard.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Studmuffin Zine & Distro – Christopher Robin Crowe / myspace.com/studmuffinzine Tabling Saturday Only.

Substance Ink – Sean Kuhnke / http://www.substanceink.com Tabling Both Days.

Three Crows Press – Andrew Cohen is a Washington, D.C., comic book artist. His mini comics like Dr. W. and Howzit Funnies playfully experiment with the form and musicality of comics. Matt Dembicki self-publishes comic books. His most recent book, Xoc, is an ecological tale told through the journey of a great white shark. Matt’s other books include Mr. Big, Spadefoot and Liquid Revolver. Steve Loya teaches art and makes art and creates zines collecting sketches from his sketchbooks. Steve’s zines are works of art in and of themselves, including custom, hand-drawn/painted book covers. Tabling Saturday Only.

Today Terrific/Snailboat Saga – Joseph Carlough / http://snailboat.tumblr.com Tabling Both Days.

Unicorn Poop – Kelsey Hulvey / http://www.myspace.com/unicornpoopzine Tabling Both Days.

UNIV III Student Zine Project – J.M. Lucas Tabling Saturday Only.

VMFA Teen Zine: Blueprint – Jessica Bauserman / http://vmfateenzine09.blogspot.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Will Towels – Will Towels / http://www.willtowels.com Tabling Saturday Only.

Wooden Shoe Books – Wooden Shoe Books is an all-volunteer anarchist collective in Philadelphia, PA, distributing radical literature since 1976! Tabling Both Days.

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