2nd Annual Richmond Zine Fest


Date: October 11, 2008

Time: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.

Location: Gay Community Center of Richmond, 1407 Sherwood Ave.

Programming | Exhibitors

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Enclosed Back Area
Bicycle Maintenance w/Shelley – 11:15 am-12 pm

Teaching basic bicycle maintenance and tune-up to ensure that the rider is riding safely, as well as understanding how to fix issues such as flat tires and brake adjustments. Supplies will be provided. If anyone has a bike problem, bring your bike with you.

Crucial Sisterhood to Crucial Motherhood w/Krissi – 12:10-1:40 pm

group discussion, presentation, and how-to all in one

Part One is about how we can increase our comfort and knowledge about womyn’s bodies – what goes in and what comes out and the politics involved. It begins with a short presentation reviewing DIY health care, resources, birth control options, menstruation, masturbation, and sex. This part of the workshop will end with group discussion and questions. It will be fun and exciting as discussions of masturbation and sex always are. **all genders are welcome** Part Two is about how we can increase our comfort and knowledge about natural pregnancy, labor, birth, and discuss the political aspects that are involved. It will be begin with a presentation about the politics and medicalization of pregnancy and birth and then the natural alternatives to conventional birthing. This part of the workshop will end with a group discussion about natural pregnancy, birth, and alternative parenting. **all genders are welcome** Crucial Sisterhood and Crucial Motherhood zines will be free to workshop participants!

Urban Gardening from Scratch w/Richmond Food Collective – 1:50-2:50 pm

This workshop will cover the basics of gardening in and around urban locations. We will discuss site selection and preparation, advising urban gardeners on finding city space for a vegetable patch and how to prepare it for planting. There will be some discussion of small-scale compositing and vermiculture–two great ways to grow nutrients for your garden soil. We will talk about plant selection as well, which plants will thrive in your small space, when to plant them, and where to find seeds and seedlings. Basic pest control will also be addressed, and of course there will be time for YOUR gardening questions!

Stash: Personal & Community Issues around Substance Abuse w/Liz & Quillin – 3-4 pm

An interactive, facilitated discussion and infoshare about issues of substance use and harm reduction. We will discuss issues of identity and solidarity when it comes to personal and community decisions around substance use. Some issues on the table are: harm reduction, “use vs. abuse,” straight-edge, and how punk communities structure themselves around ideologies and practices of substance use and/or substance abstention. We will also facilitate a discussion about how publishing/zine-making factors into personal and community reactions to these issues.

Prison Industrial System & Prisoner Support w/Mo – 4-5 pm

This workshop will explore the prison industrial complex, introducing people to the topic and relevant issues. The workshop will discuss the injustice of the system. The workshop will also show examples of how this issue has manifested itself in the zine world. Examples of zines written by prisoners and about prisoners will be shown. A discussion of why the zine medium is popular for this subject will be talked about. And there will be information provided on how people in the zine community can provide support for prisoners.

Side Area
Sarah Rose Reading – 12-12:10 pm

Sarah writes personal zine Tazewell’s Favorite Eccentric. She will be reading from one of her most recent issues.

Consent is cool! w/Can I Kiss You? Collective – 12:15-2:15 pm

What is Consent? Why is it important? When and how should you talk about consent? Can consent be sexy? These questions and more will be answered!

Mini Comics w/Rob & Dylan – 2:30-3:30 pm

A primer on the ins and outs of producing and publishing mini-comics, the red-headed stepchild of the zine world! Rob Ullman and Dylan Williams will discuss the history of the artform, avenues and methods of distribution, and offer advice about how to produce your own mini-comics. Bring yourself and a lot of questions!


Approaching Apocalypse Zine Distro – Mo Karn

Zine distro in Richmond, Virginia. Any profits go to Richmond Food Not Bombs.

The Archivalist – Travis Robertson

Atom-Bomb Bikini – Robert Ullman

I’ve been creating zines and min comics since the early 90s, including the general interest zine CIRCLE PRESS, the mini-comic series FROM THE CURVE, and ATOM-BOMB BIKINI, and various other one-shots such as SQUIRREL BOY, THAT’S JUST SUPER, and CRUSTACEAN FRUSTRATION. While sometimes the labor involved with hand-assembling 500 copies of a new book wears me out, I love the immediacy of the mini-comic/zine format, and its seemingly limitless options.

Black Light Diner Crafts and Zines – Erica S.

Small pin/button/magnet distro with the handful of zines done by me and my boyfriend Trebro.

The Boulevard – Celina Williams

My roommates and I will sell zines, homemade jewelry, and other items.

Click Clack Distro – Nicole Harris

Click Clack is budding new distro in the Richmond area.

Columbus Zines – James Payne

All the zines released in Columbus, Ohio, during the last year. Runs the gamut from personal to historical, theoretical to nonsensical.

Come Bien Books – Robert Trujillo

SS-Still Searching is the first in the SS series put out by Come Bien Books. The zine is mostly comprised of illustrations and some writing. The work is all hand drawn with pen and ink and has been specifically created for this series. The color copies are hand painted and silk-screened. The topics covered in this zine range from Ethnic Studies, Political Prisoners, Graffiti artwork, Health, Illustration, and personal experiences. Oneirokrites – This zine was created as a project to give away to African and Latino students in the New York Public School system. The zine is an all hand drawn with pen & ink and photocopied. The topics within the zine range African American studies, artists, Ethnic Studies, to how to create your zine. This zine is a much smaller book.

Curls Studio – Carolyn Belefski and Joe Carabeo

Curls Studio, founded by artist Carolyn Belefski, creates original comics, designs, and illustrations. Carolyn writes and draws the comic strip Curls, about a gal who hangs out with cute animals and a piece of toast. She also collaborates with writer Joe Carabeo on the comic books and Kid Roxy and Black Magic Tales. Carolyn is responsible  for setting the creative vision and art direction behind each project and Joe guides and develops the story and dialogue from conception to completion. Curls Studio has exhibited at New York Comic Con, Small Press Expo, Baltimore Comic-con, Heroes Convention, DC Counter Culture Festival, and Big Art Show.

Dear America, I’m Lost – Jake Mayday

This will be my second zine fest and my return to zinemaking. It’s a perzine in its upcoming 4th issue, and I’ll be sharing a table with Heidi Melin of Sidenotes my longterm zine-making buddy.

Digital Worm Zine – ashleighADDICT

I will be tabling my perzine, Digital Worm, as well as other perzines contributed by zinesters from different parts of the country.

Drawings from the Dog Den – Katherine Duckworth

Dyscrasia Zine – Alex Vallejo

Dyscrasia is group-authored, radical “mental fitness” zine that seeks to explore a variety of alternative perspectives on mental illness and health. Special care is given to interrogate traditional narratives of mental health beyond those of our insular DIY communities. I’ll also be bringing copies of a new perzine called “Alarum.” The debut issue is about investigating my heritage as a child of Asian immigrant parents and trying to cultivate a radical hybrid Filipino/American identity to counteract the myth of the model minority and invisibility of Asian people of color.

Endless Crypts – Michelle Zerdelian

Gentle Graffiti – Stephanie deSocio

Gentle Graffiti was formerly a DC-based zine, but has now morphed into an online zine. Daily posts include visual inspiration, reflections, beautiful things, music videos, information on shows and exhibits, comics, jokes, and pop culture oddities. Four issues were completed and will be available at the fest for purchase along with hand-made artist books, blank journals, and cards.

Goldmine Anthology – Anthony Meloro & Andy Kozlowski

American comics and drawings

International Books and Community Space – Jason Butler

Internationalist Books is a volunteer run collective, a not-for-profit bookstore, a progressive community center, and community owned cooperative. Also represented will be the Internationalist prison books collective which makes free books and zines available to prisoners in the Southeast.

Lucent Phoenix at Gallery 5 / T.O.W.A.R. – Amanda Robinson

Microcosm Publishing – Steven

Microcosm Publishing is an independent publisher and distributor based in Bloomington, IN, and Portland, OR. We distribute and publish zines, books, pamphlets, stickers, buttons, patches, t-shirts, posters, films, and more! We hope to add credibility to zine writers and their ethics, teach self-empowerment, show hidden history, and nurture people’s creative side. We began in 1996 with one person doing part time mailorder out of a bedroom.

Mildred Pierce zine and NDS Books Distro – John Bylander

Midlred Pierce is basically a cultural criticism zine with a bit of fiction and art thrown in for good measure. Our latest issue features art and comics as well as interviews with contemporary authors and artists like novelist Sandra Newman and comics artist Ted May.

Oletheros Publishing – R. M. Rhodes

I am a maker of comic books and I have four different books that I would like to exhibit at your festival.

Parcell Press – Taylor Ball

Parcell Press is a nice distro for zines and comics and books run by Taylor, a native Virginian living in Philadelphia (but still in Virginia as I write this). He’ll be happy to be home on October 11, so be sure to say “welcome home I hope Philadelphia is okay” to him.

Pop Faction – Oura Sananikone

comix and arty things

RVA Magazine – Parker

RWUL – Rebekah Frimpong

Interactive Online Non-profit Magazine

Scarring Artist Distro – C. Landrum

New distro located in Newport News, VA, carrying zines, art, and crafty things.

Sidenotes Zine and Burymeinleaves Store – Heidi Melin

Sidenotes is a perzine I’ve been writing since 2002. It includes short stories, photos, one page standalones, and I’ve started a diy section in the newer issues. Burymeinleaves is my etsy store of handmade items made with love by me!

Simply Lark Press – Christine Stoddard

An alternative distro and indie media company.

Space 1026 and Friends – Mark Prince

Handmade, screenprinted, art zines, comics, and more from Philadelphia based art co-op Space 1026 and friends. Featuring: Andrew Jeffery Wright, Bill McRight, Isaac Lin, Bonnie Brenda Scott, Alex Lukas, Kyle Schmidt, Crystal Stokowski, Delilah Knuckley, Jason Hsu, Cantab Publishing, Megawords, Freenews, Chris Kline, Mark Price as well as Lance Simmons, Katrina Vonponyfeather, and Michael Gerkovich.

Sparkplug Comic Books – Dylan Williams

I’m a small comics publisher and distro. I do my own self-published comic reporter and carry a ton of minis/zines.

Substance Ink/Pour Toi – Sean Kuhnke

A group of friends that produce printed matter in my Southside backyard shed studio. Sean Kuhnke, Bryan Jabs, Nick Jackson, Mike Muelhaupt.

Team Eight Press – Spencer Hansen

We like to help other artists, designers, and illustrators take a break from their daily grinds and enjoy the silk screening process. In no time we’ve got them putting squeegee to ink, ink to screen, and screen to paper, T-shirts, or anything else and loving every minute of it.

Three Crows Press – Matt Dembicki / Steve Loya

We publish mini-comics, art booklets, prints, and zines. From high-brow to low-brow, we cover the full range.

True Love Publication – Adam Triplett

A mix of essay, art, and poetry on specific topics. The first issue will be out early September and hopefully by the show there will be at least a second issue. Loosely affiliated with the local band Calpurnia. This is the solo work of the Calpurnia frontman Adam Triplett.

Unicorn Poop Zine – Kelsey Hulvey

I have 3 1/2 issues of my zine “Unicorn Poop” out right now, soon to be 4 1/2 issues. It’s a fun zine with some activities, lots of drawings, stickers, and LOVE. In the newest issue, I am sneaking in more personal information about myself that will hopefully engage my audience more (so far pretty small).

Virginia Urban Pagan Review – Freda Wood

My husband, Birch, and I are founders of the Richmond Urban Pagan Church. We decided we needed to have another way to get our info out to people, so we have a zine.

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