12th Annual Richmond Zine Fest

Zinefest 2018 Poster
Artist: Cody

Dates: October 12-13, 2018

Time: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Location: Richmond Public Library, 101 E. Franklin St.

Friday ProgrammingSaturday Exhibitors | Stipend Donors & Recipients

Friday Programming

10:30 AM – Narcan Training with Julie Karr

Julie will be teaching how to safely and properly administer Narcan to someone experiencing an opioid overdose. This is potentially life-saving training that could benefit everyone who deals with the public, goes to shows, and has loved ones who even take medically prescribed opioids. This workshop will dispel any myths you may have about who is affected by opioid overdoses and what to do in the event of an overdose.

11:30 AM – Illustrations and Collages with Alison Thompson

Using illustration and collages Alison Thompson will show you how to convey emotions and tones through them! This workshop is perfect for everyone of all ages!

1:00 PM – Setting Boundaries AKA Being a Badass Bitch with Karlena Sakas

This workshop is for everyone–from the awkward to the audacious among us. Bring your experiences and questions. Prepare to role play (or just watch!) and channel your inner superhero. The goal is for you to leave empowered and ready to take on the world–or at least improve your life a little bit–and perhaps even start your next (or first!) zine.

2:00 PM – Comics and Storytelling with Dash Shaw

Dash Shaw is the creator of the film My Entire High School Sinking Into the Sea. He is also the author and illustrator of the comics BodyWorldBottomless Belly ButtonNew SchoolDoctors, and Cosplayers. In this hour long workshop, Dash Shaw will pass along his tips on storytelling, his influences, and more to help you become a better creator of comics, or art in general. No comics experience is expected for people who attend this workshop.

The following events are a collaboration with VCU Anderson Gallery.

We are honored to collaborate with the Anderson Gallery who is holding an artist lecture and exhibition for the Ron Regé, Jr., who is also tabling at Richmond Zine Fest on Saturday, October 13th.

3:30 PM Lecture HAS MOVED LOCATIONS! It will now be at Richmond Public Library in the Auditorium in the basement.

6:00 – 9:00 PM – Exhibition Opening @ The Anderson Gallery
(907 1/2 Franklin St., Richmond, VA)

Cartoonist Ron Regé, Jr., known for his treatment of metaphysical and philosophical subjects will be showing site-specific drawing, original artwork from publications, and paintings operating within the language of zines and independent comics.

The exhibition will be on display from October 12th- December 14th.

Saturday Exhibitors

Zine Fest Layout for Program 2018

…and MetallicA for All [F119]

The story of MetallicA’s first 5 albums, the tours and the people who saw them live in DC/MD/VA

The Adventures of Edgar the Alien [A9]

“The Adventures of Edgar the Alien” is an all-ages sci fi adventure full of heart and laughs! Follow Edgar as he gets thrown into a world of friends waiting to meet him, and enemies waiting to destroy him.

Aijung Kim [B19]

I make illustrated zines of poetry and prose chronicling life’s little everyday moments. I also sell handmade prints, notecards, and an oracle deck.

A. J. Hayes [F83]

Person. Storyteller. Work-in-progress. A. J. Hayes blends poetry and fiction, occasionally with visuals, in his handmade zines.

Alexis DeJesus [E63]

Multi-media works, stickers, and zines. I like to try my best and have fun.

Alison Thompson [F104]

an illustrated monologue of coming of age while coming to terms with what it means to be a black woman in America.

Anna Kat G [F116]

A reflection of personal experiences, these illustrated zines largely focus on living and existing within the city of Richmond, Virginia. Specifically, the zine series “Symbols of Southern Pride” seeks to redefine what it truly means to be a southerner.

ArmzRace Comics [F123/124]

Often hilarious, sometimes sexy, occasionally horrific (re: politics–the scariest of genres), and always awesome, the ArmzRace crew offers reading delights for all kinds of interesting people, made by other interesting people. With titles such as Booty Call, ABCs of the USA, Why My Life Sucks, Sexually Frustrated Comix, Cheap Shots and Cannon Fodder, our work is personal, political, pfunny, and powerful! The ArmzRace is a semi-collaborative effort to create comics, to learn, and to have a good time doing so. We welcome new collaborators with open armz.

Bad Dreamer [C37]

Bad Dreamer is personal prose centered around sexuality, intimacy, the politics of being a woman, mental illness, and dreams! Sometimes funny, sometimes sad, always with a flair of mysticism.

Barry O’Keefe [F86]

Woodcut, Letterpress, and Risograph prints and Zines by Barry O’Keefe

Between Two Moons [F66]

A zine filled with poems and colorful illustrations. Taking the reader into a world that is strange and beautiful

Big Planet Comics / Retrofit Comics [F78]

Retrofit Comics is a small press comics publisher that was founded in 2011 by comics artist Box Brown to publish cool comics. Now run by Jared Smith from Big Planet Comics, Retrofit Comics has published work from some of the best comic book creators in North America, as well as creators from around the world, including France, Belgium, Japan, Australia, and the UK. Retrofit Comics publishes out of Washington DC.

Brian Baynes [A1/A2]

I make zines about stuff i like and i like a lot of stuff.

Brianna Burke [E64]

Zinester that enjoys spreading love, care of others, and an appreciation of the water.

Budget Press [B15]

Budget Press goes all over the place, not sticking to any particular genre or format or style, with many different writers and artists. Budget Press has published over 60 perzines, lit zines, photo zines, fiction, non-fiction, short stories, poetry, made with a black-and-white copier, full color digital printer, risograph, as chapbooks, novellas, and of course zines. My own johnnie b. baker zines are mostly about travel in one way or another.

CaitoPress [B17]

Depicting voices/stories/anecdotes from elementary school years. Stories are comedic in nature, varying from incidents of “getting in trouble”, to fondly remembering a kindly teacher who helped the narrator out of a pickle.

Can’t Surf Quarterly [E60]

Can’t Surf is a quarterly journal that focuses on skateboarding and the many subcultures that encompass.

Carlton Nivens [D47]

4 zines of art focused on mental health and subculture

Carmen Johns [D52]

Carmen Johns is a Cuban-Lebanese-American zine warrior, comic artist, sculptor & Montessori teacher born in L.A. and based in Baltimore! Her work focuses on self-care, sci-fi, disco fashions and anxiety.

Cathryn Virginia Illustration [F74]

My new riso zine is about a futuristic botanical garden full of genetically modified plants that will alter your mind, body, and soul.

Catnap Catnap [C34]

new comic/poetry/illustration collection, cat calendar, postcards, catnap shirts, stickers & temp tats!

Celina Nicole Writes [F115]

I have a lot of thoughts, so I write them out to feel better about being human.

CheapGarlic [F127]

A food justice project focused on food philosophy and affordable health through cooking, growing, and eating real food.

Chr!s Visions [F73]

I will Have copies of my yet to be annouced Fall Project, My printed sketchbook, and my “SUMMER MADNESS” Zine.

Christine Skelly [F90]

Flaunt Your Fluff is a body positivity and body hair Zine portrayed using humor. Mt. Olyphant is a comic about the Greek gods reincarnated in a psych ward.

Christopher Sloce [B30]

Using an unabashedly personal and radical lens to talk about everything from the terrorist attacks in Charlottesville to working in Richmond’s homeless shelters.

Clown-Kisses Press [F70]

CLOWN-KISSES PRESS is a RISOGRAPH print collective based in Richmond, VA. CKP prints and publishes comix/zines/prints and more from artists of various perspectives and backgrounds. founded by artists Rellie Brewer, Harrison Stewart, and James McPherson.

Community High School Zine Club [E59]

Community High School of Arts and Academics is a progressive school in Roanoke, Virginia. Founded and driven by students, the students of the CHS Zine Club have published more than 250 student-produced zines Since 2014; this will be their fourth year tabling in Richmond Zine Fest

The Concern Newsstand [E65]

The Concern Newsstand is a web store of artist books, zines and hard to find publications based in Chapel Hill, NC, with a physical outpost at Lump Gallery in Raleigh. The curated selection has a focus of expanding the mind, in humor, truth & beauty.

Corner Office [F72]

corner office is an experimental art platform run by adele ball and ava lonergan in richmond, virginia. corner office’s mission is to create an abiding community space that uses publications, exhibitions, public events, and artist interviews to highlight the studio practices of artists working in a variety of media in virginia and beyond. we are primarily interested in supporting and exhibiting artists who identify as women or gender non-conforming, but are open to hosting projects and events by any individual or group. we open our studio space to the public as a gallery and gathering place in hopes of making the creative process feel accessible to everyone.

Corvid Collective [F67]

A (mostly) east coast based art collective made up of cartoonists, writers, illustrators, sculptors, and disgruntled garbage birds.

Cosima Storz [B26]

Devyr press consists of zines about education, art making, and horror films.


Crudcity Zine is a nitty-gritty look at Richmond’s thriving subcultures of art, music, graffiti, skateboarding and photography.

Daniel Torraca [F95]

I make things about feelings, relationships, making, and being in the hope of connecting with people in an intimate and personal way.

Democratic Socialists of America – Richmond [F118]

Promoting activism and mutual aid in and for the Richmond area, towards a more free, democratic, and humane society.

Dirt Worst [F75]

A wonderful waste of time made by two well-meaning former children.

Emanata [B20]

Emanata is a student-run publication dedicated to uplifting the comics community here at VCU and the greater Richmond area by providing avenues for comics artists to publish their work in an anthology. The staff of Emanata works with contributors to amplify their skills through a personal one-on-one editorial process. It is a registered organization at VCU under the Student Media Center, publishing an anthology annually in print and online.

Emcarrs [F110]

I’m going to be featuring a tiny positive story about a bird who transforms into a baguette, as well as pieces from a stop motion animation about a small wizard with terrible roommates.

enml illustration / The SadHappy [B21]

Through her illustration practice and her ongoing project The Sadhappy, Emily Meredith creates illustrated zines that convey whimsy, simplicity, aloneness and loneliness, or explore the relationship between sadness and happiness.

Francesca Lyn [B29]

Comics, prints, stickers, and personal zines by Francesca Lyn

Francesca Rowan of Fehu Studio [F68]

Comics and zines about fantasy, fashion, death, and the occult


I tend to make a big deal out of small experiences. Someone coughing on me turns in to a funny zine about them dying. Someone calling my dad a jap, becomes a zine about their crazy obsession with rubber ducks.

Gold Star Art [F105]

Zines to stir your heart and strengthen your day-to-day, diy screenprinted art and t-shirts, and embroidered patches

Great Dismal [F93]

Great dismal is an arts and organizing collective in rva.


We are two queer girls making work about our experience in queerness, womynhood, and life in richmond. We will sell zines and screenprinted items as well as a few items specifically made to fundraise for a few non-profits we work with.

Haiku & Holga [F85]

My original zines contain haiku and photos. I also have street art zines and zines about graveyards. My most recent zine is a queer noir comic set in 1950s San Francisco which I hope to unveil at the fest.

Hannah Huddle Art [F109]

Zines and comics about cartoons, science, and queer identity.

Hannah McHugh [E62]

hate zines but love sports

Harrington Comics [F76]

comics from norfolk, va. and movie posters for naro cinema.

Ice Cream Support Group [D48]

Ice Cream Support Group is a collective that makes anything we want. We are inspired by the things we like and sometimes make things. No ice cream provided.

Infinity Down [C38]

Exploring how time reveals its layers in my hometown, inspired by a dilapidated Crush billboard and a very blue sky.

Information Dominance / Ellie Gill [F96]

Information Dominance is Richmond based zine covering heavy music, culture, left wing politics and art. The focus is on international metal/punk/hardcore bands, but there are also pieces dissecting the Alt-right, recipes for tiki drinks, record reviews done by my dad and an interview with one of GWAR’s costume designers.

Ellie Gill has self published comics and does fantasy illustration. Her prints have been sold in the past to benefit the Massachusetts Immigrant and Refugee Advocacy Coalition and Appalachians Against Pipelines. You can find information on her and her art here: @elliejogill on instagram

Jackie’s Train [F125]

Jack will be selling his new comic book called “Crowning In Winter”. He’ll also be introducing a project called “Jackie’s Train”.

Jacob Eveland [F91]

A short story of the Angst “butterflies” getting vengeance on the wild animals that took advantage of them.

Jake Lahah [F80]

Jake Lahah is a printmaker/zinester/book artist in the Richmond, VA area. His work explores different aspects of queer culture, sex education, counter-culture, and sexuality.

Jamie Douglas / Erek Jones [B25]

Jamie is an illustrator, designer, cartoonist & avid sketchbook-er, making comics, books & zines in Richmond, VA. Erek Jones is an illustrator and screenprinter.

Jennifer Elsner [A8]

ORA+CLE is what you already know, but different. A divination tool created with the needs of relationships in mind, for humans like you. Intrinsic, esoteric, dynamic, cosmic, prosaic, therapeutic, rhapsodic, terrific. It’s a vehicle for finding meaning & magic in the quotidian. ORA+CLE is a daily guide to help create a bridge between your emotional body, and what action is needed.

Jess Knehr [F120]

Jess Knehr is a Pagan witch, blogger, and writer. Her zines consist of magical and historical short stories and works-in-progress. Other works include guides to spells, deities, tarot layouts, and meditations.

Joey Goergen [A7]

Small artist books with collections of drawings, enamel pins , and shirts that highlight some of the aesthetics of the books and zines made

julia eff / crapandemic [F101]

julia eff is a Detroit expat making emotional, queer, angry survivor lit with a creepy-crass bent and a personal touch. They’re rumored to actually be six raccoons in a trench coat.

Jupiter Star Power! [A4]

Jupiter Star Power! retells fairy tales through a cynical, feminist lens. She also makes sprite stitch patterns and really wants you to know the difference between knit and crochet.

Karlena Sakas [D55]

CLASHKA ZINE is art & anecdotes from both sides of the Atlantic. This year we’re featuring greens & new zines on solo hiking for womxn and setting healthy boundaries for all.

Katana Lippart [F81]

Although print is primarily a two-dimensional visual experience, much of my work investigates how to get those pieces to reach the hands of the viewer. This investigation has led me to creating three-dimensional tunnel books, zines exploring niche topics, as well as hand-pulled silkscreen books and postcards.

Kate Foray [F88]

Promoting inclusivity in professional wrestling by sharing and elevating marginalized voices about their experiences in the fandom.

King Tut’s Blind Dog Demon Possession – If My Tips Don’t Make You Money, I’ll Shave My Head! [C39]

An ongoing experimentation mixing magazine collage and clickbait that has found its way into print.

La Horchata Zine [D46]

An arts publication that features artists with Central American ancestry.

lanejee [D49]

i’m an art student based in nova. my concentration is sculpture but i find that zines are one of my biggest art interests, and i love their rawness and randomness. i write about my deepest feelings in snippets of poetic inspiration and draw silly pictures, its great.


Photo and other zines

Late Comeback Press [F107]

Late Comeback Press was created by two Asian-American millennials, while daydreaming in our windowless Accounting office, to experiment with print media and design zines without the restrictions of mainstream publishing houses. As two English majors in our mid-twenties, we decided that we had made enough excuses for not developing the type of art we had always daydreamed about. As we say, better late than dead (!).

Lil Wolf Press [B16]

Lil Wolf Press is a small, collaborative press featuring the written and visual work of Gretchen Gales and Alexander Clark.

Lohitha Kethu / Ishaan Chandra Art & Poetry [F99]

Lohitha is a medical illustrator in-training and artist. They create a lot of work around gender, sexuality, and reimagining queerness, in addition to their medical work. Ishaan is a poet and writer from Richmond and will be sharing zines and poetry about the multifarious nature of being.

loving plant [D41]

smol n sweet growth oriented zines featuring healing and love, poetry and art

MaddFattBlack [F122]

MaddFattBlack is a place where the angry, overweight & melanated peoples can come to hear fresh opinions on body, race & sex politics.

Madison Hall [C36]

Art focused zines/comics concerning the experience of living in the American South and urban exploration. Silkscreen posters of weird places half-imagined and maps of places where only the Loblolly pine grows.

Mary Kate Montgomery [F111]

Mary Kate Montgomery is a queer femme Latina who has been creating in Richmond for years. Her illustrations combined with written word stem from her coming of age experiences, embracing identity, and her journey in becoming an art educator to young children.

Meddlesome Art [A13]

I sell prints as well as take commissions. I primarily work with fan art on a variety of subjects and can work with requests.

Mended Arrow [C32]

Bizhan Khodabandeh is a visual communicator who moves freely across the professional boundaries as designer, illustrator, artist and activist. His works vary from small graphic art projects to major public campaigns. Khodabandeh is particularly fascinated by how art and design can be a catalyst for social change.

Milo Rincon [A12]

I am a trans masculine creator and I create zines involving trans characters.

Mindy Burgess [F97]

The books I make generally deal with the interior, inner conflict, nagging thoughts, nostalgia, melancholy, etc., acting as an attempt to turn those experiences outward and then connect with others. Most of the zines/books contain photography and some with drawings and/or poetry or writing.

Mister Oura [C35]

Weird handmade zines, toys, and comics

monstergirls [D53]

‘A collection of sinister monster girls having a good time.Just some ghouls being gals….what could be better than that!’

Moon Toons [B31]

ADDress: an autobio zine about the positive side of Attention Deficit Disorder.

My Memoir If I Had One [A3]

My Memoir, If I had One is an autobiographical zine composed of short stories, illustrations, and one-liners. It is filled with affectionate reminiscences of childhood, sentimental longing for when we first met, and a story about a kitten who was born with too small a butthole.

Mysterious Noises [A6]

My work is about my relationships with plants and the process of reasoning with my own mind (Mercury in Gemini!!!). It reflects the pulling together of ideas and samples from the tangled web of my processes and subconscious. I work intuitively and find great satisfaction in reflecting and solving the visual riddle that’s left after making the work.

Nik & Jake Comics [B28]

Follow the adventures of brothers, Nik and Jake, as they explore a strange and foreign realm….

OCD Throws Bows [B27]

Dirk writes OCD Throws Bows, an irregularly produced zine (currently in 4 issues) about living with OCD. He also has a zine of Mad Max/Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants fanfiction called “The Pants of Many Mothers.” He hopes to have his new zine, DC10, about living for 10 years in DC done by RZF.

Organization for a Free Society [D58]

We are a feminist communist organization that publishes radical zines on a variety of topics from social reproduction, the history of May Day, a reading guide for feminist collectives, and student organizing. (We also make some pretty awesome feminist/communist/anti-police buttons and pins)

Panic Pillow [B23]

Childlike, cartoony, with a strange twist of reality. Always funny, sometimes dark


My work focuses on centering the voices of queer trans people of color, particularly within the Latinx community. Themes of mental health, radical/intersectional feminism and self love are both explored and embraced.

Phantom Pains [F112]

Lifetstyle/metal fan zine compiling personal art and photography from travels, cemeteries, etc. Accompanying the zine and display will be a cassette player, creating an aural, visual experience.

plasticthankyoubag [D43]

queer + black centered zines based around gender, identity, astrology, witchcraft + neopets

Pomegranate Press [F84]

Pomegranate Press is an independent publisher that focuses on showcasing and highlighting contemporary art through printed works that are affordable, accessable, and high quality.

Public Daydream [F113]

Public Daydream is a personal project which focuses on the merging of disciplines regarding interiors, graphic design and visual art. I intend to have the second edition of my hooligan zine, which focuses on the exploration of English football culture, in addition to a zine highlighting Brutalism, the most misunderstood and hated era of architecture.

Pusakal [F82]

35mm black and white film photography accompanied by poetry addressing the Filipino diaspora, immigration, and survival living in the settler-colony.

Rachelle Holloway [F121]

Rachelle Holloway is a sequential artist and freelance illustrator. Much of her work has a Scandinavian/viking feel to it. She also likes to tell stories of her Shetland Sheepdog.

Raven’s Feather Farm [F117]

Combination of personal zines, poetry zines, and diy/Herbalism zines.


Illustrator of the macabre, fantasy and nature. Zines for both education and entertainment.

Revenant Editions [E61]

Revenant Editions is a vehicle for DIY research and radical scholarship, unearthing the histories and pre-histories of the today’s progressive underground that have been buried by a century or more of reactionary academics. The punk/anarchist/avant-garde communities have deeper historical roots than those in Power would like us to realize. Nearly 50 zines (and a few bound anthologies) explore the early histories and erased heroes of the cultural avant-garde, socialism and anarchism, gender and racial civil rights movements, occultism, fandoms, andother countercultures.

REY [D54]

Rey is a graphic designer in RVA, contributing to zine fest for the first after consuming its media for a long time. Her zines/designs/things are often about identity politics through the subjects of biracialism, queerness, and hair.

Richmond Doula Project [D40]

The Richmond Doula Project is a collective of full-spectrum doulas in Richmond, VA. We provide affordable support to people through all outcomes of pregnancy.

Ron Reje, Jr. [F71]

Cartoonist Ron Rege Jr, known for his treatment of metaphysical and philosophical subjects, will be tabling with his minicomics and prints.

Root Beer Comics [F77]

New minicomics this year include Ninja Turtles with Guns, Sunny Reboot Comics: Wolverine, Karl Mars, Ghost Men, Good Man with Good Boy, Pilots, The Secular Adventures of the Holy Trinity Action Squad, and more.

Sarah H [B18]

Sarah H will be showcasing a zine titled ‘Smoke and Mirrors”. Using 35mm photos to commemorate a trip across the country.

Seong Eun Macfarlane [F103]

Seong Eun Macfarlane is an illustrator living in Baltimore, Maryland. She enjoys spending her time drawing comics and practicing kung fu. Her current project “Ordinary States” is a meandering narrative about sisters, feelings, and traveling through portals.

Seven Hills School [C33]

Creative writing and art zines by students from Seven Hills School in Richmond, Virginia.

Skinny Dipper Magazine [A14]

Skinny Dipper is an annual print publication that explores social and environmental issues through art and adventure.

Sleepy Dyke Club Zines [F108]

Hello! We are a queer artist couple living and working in Richmond, Virginia. Ashlyn is an illustrator, and Hannah is studying to become an art teacher. We create zines and other artwork about childhood, queer love, swamps, gardens, and the experience of growing up gay in the bible belt.

Soft web [D51]

soft web studio collective is paige, ha, maeve, melissa & mars xXx collectively~ artists, witchcrafters, teachers, writers, event bookers, space makers

Something Something Press [B24]

Richmond’s own radical mental health distro and press

Souped Up Ramen [F89]

Souped Up Ramen is a mini comics about instant noodles, with 10 recipes to improve your Instant ramen into a healthier, more interesting meal.

Southern Exposure [F114]

Southern Exposure is a quarterly zine series focusing on race, male sexuality, history, and visual culture. Each issue focuses on a particular intersection of these topics and has a different visual theme. Imagery and writing are by artist Brandon Dean.

Stay Kind! Distro [D45]

Stay Kind! publishes and distributes creative works, with a focus on zines related to personal and community narratives and topics including mental health, race, gender, and sexuality. A portion of all sales are donated to initiatives supporting positive change in our communities.

Strange Letters To Albert [F98]

Strange Letters to Albert is a weird, gritty story of loneliness. It’s also very weird. Each issue is kind of like a Twilight Zone episode and is based in our very own RVA.

Take It Slow Press [A5]

Two buds trying to figure out How To Be™ through drawing, writing and zine sharing since 2015.

Theodore Taylor III [F92]

A reproduction of a very nerdy video game zine created in middle school.

Toni Lane [D44]

Debut of new published novel Ghetto Girls Rule in Marseille. Debut Lino prints Eves story in pictures. Ethnic Trip Cultural Art presents Ghetto Girls coloring books and Art Portfolio.

Tory [A11]

I am a queer artist that enjoys creating illustration zines and comics. I like to write about my experiences, and I’m currently working on a comic about my parent’s separation, and how my relationship with them has changed over this past year.

Vim Don’t Be [B22]

Vim is a trans multimedia artist who focuses on illustration as well as subjects such as the LGBTQIA+ community, body positivity, and social justice.

Vinyl Vagabonds / DC Creepers [F106]

Vinyl Vagabonds is a zine made by Sara and Eric Gordon about music and vinyl. DC Creepers is the name for the zines that Eric makes solo and with friends; comics, fanzines, and art zines.

Visible [D50]

A small, Norfolk-based zine with focus on mental health and experiences within the LGBT community.

waterhouse ltd. [F100]

Small Risograph press in Philadelphia publishing artist books and multiples.

XC Atkins [D57]

Zines and comics and wolf paraphernalia.

Yakiisweet [D42]

Yakiisweet is a collaboration between the artists Amber Hooke and Tiffany Reniva. The project is based around nature, environments, and the people within these environments.

yourholysweater dba Our Divine Gathering of Changes & of Echoes [A10]

oh – we are a universal gospel for each and every sentient being, organism & spirit. ✌🏼❤️🐣

Zine Bean Collective [F87]

The ZBC is a collaborative project of student zinesters in NC, using art to resist, disrupt, and educate. Our zines examine identity and social issues in unique and fun ways, with particular focus on LGBTQ+ and POC experiences.

3rd Annual RZF Print Stipend for Marginalized Zinesters

We’re incredibly excited to award $50 Stipends to 17 zine projects this year! The organizers of Richmond Zine Fest are committed to prioritizing and encouraging marginalized groups seeking participation in independent media. If zines and zine culture historically have been about making space for those of us on the fringe of mainstream society and media, what sense does that make if cis hetero white men who don’t live with a disability dominate the scene? In 2016, we created the print stipend to be awarded to creators who are black, non-black POC, LGBTQIA+, and/or have visible/invisible disabilities.

In previous years, Richmond Zine Fest funded all stipends with proceeds from t-shirt and other merchandise sales and a benefit show. This year in addition to our $400 from last year’s merch sales, we approached several local businesses for our Sponsor a Stipend project. Shout out to the following places! Support these businesses who also support independent creators and artists ❤

Circle Thrift sponsored 1 stipend recipient. Hosts art shows and community events in addition to selling rad, affordable second-hand items. Check them out at 7 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA.

Steady Sounds sponsored 1 stipend recipient. All-vinyl record shop that often hosts in-store shows. They buy and sell records and stereo equipment. Stop by their location at 322 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA.

Chop Suey Books sponsored 1 stipend recipient. This new and used bookshop also hosts art shows, readings, and the occasional craft market. They’re located in Carytown on 2913 W. Cary St., Richmond, VA.

Harrison Street Cafe sponsored 2 stipend recipients. A favorite vegetarian and vegan cafe since 2001. Try their tempeh artichoke sub some time at 402 N. Harrison St., Richmond, VA.

Studio Two Three sponsored 1 stipend recipient. Local nonprofit that offers studio space, access to printing and darkroom equipment, art classes, and other amazing opportunities for creatives to collaborate with local businesses, other nonprofit and movement building initiatives in our communities. They’re located in Scott’s Addition at 3300 W. Clay St., Richmond, VA.

Velocity Comics sponsored 1 stipend recipient. The absolute best comic shop in Richmond! There’s a knowledgeable and friendly staff, and they have an excellent variety of local, independent, and major publisher comics and graphic novels. Located on the VCU campus at 819 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA.

Vinyl Conflict sponsored 1 stipend recipient. Richmond’s only hardcore punk metal dedicated record store! They accept special orders and buy and trade records! Find a diamond in the rough at their Oregon Hill location 324 S. Pine St., Richmond, VA.

Charm School Social Club sponsored 1 stipend recipient. A variety of vegan and non-vegan ice cream flavors served in a bowl or handmade cone! You can also order pints and ice cream floats! Treat yourself to that toasted vegan fluff at 311 W. Broad St., Richmond, VA.

Stipend Recipients

Phillip Richardson / Can’t Surf Quarterly

Lolitha Kethu / Ishaan Chandra Art & Poetry

Amber Hooke / Yakiisweet

Late Comeback Press

Toni Bernadette Lane

Taneasha White / Unsung Lit Mag

Katie Montgomery

Alison Thompson / Still Around

Cree / Loving Plant RVA

Robin Ha / Souped Up Ramen

Zaira Qureshi / Churayl

Francesca Lyn

Adrianna Warren / monstergirls

Aida Bogado / PELEONA

Dawn Graham / Stay Kind! Distro

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