11th Annual Richmond Zine Fest

Artist: Sophia Latkis

Dates: September 29th – September 30th, 2017

Time: 11 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Location: Richmond Public Library, 101 E. Franklin St.

Friday ProgrammingSaturday Exhibitors | Stipend Recipients

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Friday Programming

11 am – 11:45

Homie to Homie: dismantling strangers, documenting kinship, resisting through community

homie house press is a skeleton bones crew of femmes creating + publishing in the foto book medium. We are a playground where fotos become books, a safe space for secret stories and an open house for honest content. Find us migrating through the in between, the world wide web, and al otro lado del charco.

We will be producing a collaborative project through simple zine making in the mediums of drawing and writing. We will provide different kinds of paper and writing tools as well as a quick binding tutorial (for those who don’t know how). Folks will be asked to participate by engaging in their personal narratives with kinship and community. Together, we hope to further understand the current state of things through this intersectional workshop. This will be a safe space for creating, sharing and discussion.

All ages are welcome!

12 pm – 12:45

Organizing Zine Fest: Trials, Errors & Lessons

Celina and Brian are two of the current organizers of zine fest who have been Richmond Zine Fest organizers for several years. They love zines more than they love no zines.

Celina & Brian talk about organizing zine fest, how they got involved, what goes into planning zine fest, organizing goals and more. This is a great introduction if you’re curious about becoming a zine fest organizer, helping out in any capacity, or simply want to get more info for your own event planning.

1 pm – 1:45

a very long mixtape ❤

found/bought & dubbed over (re-recorded, remixed, field recorded upon) cassette tapes. a cut-up method/collage on cassette accompanied by a zine booklet – so: an audible companion to the printed material. #tapestryst

all ages are welcome!


2:30 pm  – 3:00

Zines in the classroom

Cosima Storz is an art educator interested in community based art education and intergenerational learning.

My workshop is about zines in the classroom and the community. Zines are an accessible way for students to document and share research easily. They are budget conscious for a classroom and zines encourage students to format their ideas for mass communication and to share their ideas with each other. Zines also support self-empowerment for students and people of all ages.

3:15 pm – 4:30

Supporting All Choices: Full-Spectrum Doula Care for Pregnant People

The Doula Project is a NYC volunteer-run organization that provides free physical, emotional, and informational support to low-income pregnant people who are giving birth, having abortions, and experiencing a loss, like a stillbirth.

Join Mick (they/them), editor of The Doula Project’s zine, DIY Doula: Self-Care for Before, During, & After Your Abortion for a repro themed workshop. Come hear about providing nonjudgmental support and unconditional love, talk about how reproductive justice is about more than just abortion access, and find out more about the zine that makes people say, “I wish I had this when I had my abortion.”

4:45 pm – 5:30

Quick Zines + Comics as Icebreakers
Hannah Huddle, a VCUarts alumna who studied scientific illustration, has spent years organizing club events for adults, and youth art and STEM activities. She worked as a teaching artist for CityArts in Providence, Rhode Island, focusing on arts integration and after-school programming.
The workshop is two hands-on activities that can be used in groups for members to introduce themselves, find common interests, and have a laugh. We will make 8-page “get to know me” zines,  and create collaborative comics. Participants will be able to use the simple activities in their own clubs and educational work. All ages are welcome.

Saturday Exhibitors

511 bangcock billionaires

I lost my faith, you gave it back to me. You said no star was out of reach. You stood by me and I stood tall, I had your love I had it all.

A. J. Hayes

Short fiction, poetry and art books on various themes and topics.

Adam Meuse

sad/happy, happy/sad mini comics, tees and maybe prints and drawings

Alecia Ott

The main zine I made is bilingual Spanish/English focusing on cervical self exams. I’m also showing up with birth control examples, patches, buttons, cards, mini bilingual zines on abortion myths, free condoms & gloves, and speculums available with a zine purchase or an at cost donation. My table is an engaging educational experience revolving around bodily autonomy, sex ed, reproductive justice and abortion care.

Alexandra Wong

Short Creature Comics/Short Children’s Books/Baked clay monsters/Stickers/a few t-shirts with original screenprint design/ & Creature Coloring Books!

Amanda Austin

I will have zines/prints I have prepared in regards to my artistic practice. This could range from subject matter regarding a fascination in abject, disgusting foods or just themed around the color pink.

Amendment Literary and Art Journal

Amendment is a progressive literature and art journal produced by Virginia Commonwealth University students. We provide a platform for students to promote equality, tolerance, and social progression through artistic expression. Through our publications and events we seek to highlight issues that are often ignored or incompletely addressed in mainstream media and society, including but not limited to race, nationality, gender, sex, sexuality, class, education, the environment, ability, and politics.

Andrew Cohen

“Howzit Funnies” are collections of comics and drawings that explore surrealism, poetry, lowbrow humor and psychological horror.

Anna Kat G

Illustrated zines with short stories-mostly about RVA or personal reflection.

Antipoison Creek Press

Small books full of personal photographs, stories, and rambling collections that I have. Some digitally printed, some screen printed, and darkroom hand processed work.

ART 180 Zine Program

A zine program with ART 180 that started in September at Binford Middle School. The students would be so excited to share their first zines at the zine fest with the public.

The Art of Rachelle Holloway

Rachelle tells fun stories through illustrations and cartoons. Most of her illustrations have a Scandinavian feel as featured in her zine, RAH’s Sketchbook. Currently she runs a colorful webcomic, A Little Dragon Trouble.

Atlantic Desolation

Atlantic Desolation is a small press based in Richmond, VA with a focus on design, DIY ethic and the underground.

Bad Dreamer

Bad Dreamer is self-analysis exploring romantic relationships, sex, dreams & the link between sleep & waking, tenderness under Capitalism & dichotomous realities. My writing is self-study & poetry as a release. I also have a collaborative self-care zine with illustrator Black Eyed Project (Christina Allen).

Barely There

barely there focuses on archiving the shared experience + untold stories via a small press and in the future, an artbook store

Barry O’Keefe

Handmade artist books, zines, and prints. Letterpress, Risograph, Woodcut.

The Bettys

The Bettys is an art collective hailing from the NYC metro state area and beyond. The bettys produces and curates an array of events as well as distribution and producing zines. In its 3rd year, the Bettys has developed a platform that helps build creatives create and network.

Bizhan Khodabandeh (Mended Arrow)

Bizhan Khodabandeh is a local cartoonist and commercial artist who is particularly fascinated how art and design can be a catalyst for social change. He has been nationally and internationally recognized for his works. Currently Khodabandeh teaches in the advertising program at the VCU’s Robertson school. as well as freelances under the alias Mended Arrow.


A collection of zines that highlight the voices and experiences of queer folks, trans folks, folks of color, and southern folks. All bought to you by a black, trans southern, queer.

Blue Pear Projects

Blue Pear Projects celebrates unique visions arising from the fertile soil of the human imagination. Whether it’s visual art, poetry, or wearables, we foster and distribute work that asks viewers to question their assumptions about the world, transporting them to a magical and meaningful universe we dream into existence. We fiercely value social equality and are passionate about collaboration, experimentation, and the rich absurdity of the human experience.

Brenna Killeen

My minicomics and are compilations of my webcomic, which I’ve been producing since 2013. My most recent mini is a compilation of comics about birthdays, which combines cute visuals with sometimes dark observations about moving through your twenties.

Brian McDaniel

My zines include photography, illustrations, some words, and a little bit of this and that.

Brian Taco Bell

I make zines about my butt

Brianna Perry

“” is an excavation of recent writing, aiming to dissolve the boundaries between essays and poetry. Metaphors are fleeting, but great dinner guests.

Brooke Inman

Through persistent questioning of the self, the work is constructed out of reflective drawing and writing done on paper with humble materials, and printmaking. Including private thoughts (the personal) with larger questions about humanity (the public) and the health of our planet (the natural), the work mirrors my pursuit of understanding. This introspective examination crafts a complex vision filled with universal anxieties, hopes, fears, and yearnings. Woven with conviction, it captures the feeling of being open, lost, idealistic, defeated, and maladjusted.

Brusque Babe

Brusque Babe is zines and wearables with a queer / femme / feminist bent.

Can’t Surf Quarterly

Can’t Surf is a quarterly journal, focused on highlighting various subcultures and their social impact, historically and present day. Our aim is to facilitate interconnectedness within art and community.

Carmen Johns

My name is Carmen Johns and I am a Cuban-Lebanese comic artist, sculptor & zinester! My work is focused on sci-fi, self-care, fly glitter disco fashions, anxiety and absurdity. I make all this stuff in an effort to make anyone reading, holding or looking at my work feel comforted and less alone, even if for just one moment, from one facial expression or line of dialogue. http://ralphthebug.tumblr.com

Catherine McGuigan

Just some cool cats doing cool cat things, all hand drawn.

Cathryn Virginia

A riso zine about bad dreams and sleep paralysis called White Rattlesnake.


“From now on, all my friends are gonna be strangers. I’m all through ever trusting anyone. The only thing I can count on now is my own fingers.” Collection of 35mm photography. Edition of 30.

Chris Kindred

This is the second leg on a convention tour showcasing my new debut book.

Chris Visions

Chris Visions will be providing zines of some of his beloved character NEON SPACE COWBOI , his sketchbook ‘Lunchtime Loosies’ and signed copies of his published work with companies such as Marvel, DC, and BOOM!.

Christine Skelly

Mt. Olyphant is my self published comic about the Greek gods reincarnated in a psych asylum. I also have Flaunt Your Fluff (about body hair), and Ladies of Lore (an illustrated poetry book).

Clown Kisses Press

We are a Richmond based risograph Press that focuses on zines and prints. We are made up of three different artists with differing styles that all come together to make something fun.

Community High School Zine Club

Community High School of Arts & Academics is a small, progressive, seminar-based school in Roanoke, Virginia. Their student-initiated and student-led Zine Club was founded in 2014, since which time students have published nearly 150 books. This will be their third year tabling at the Richmond Zine Fest.


Sad things for sad people

Culture of death

Lithographs, etchings, block prints, silkscreens, collages, mixed media, mixed tapes, photocopied / screenprinted zines, paintings, and ink drawings 🙂

Daniel Torraca

Comics, Zines, posters, and patches made out of Studio Two Three (resident) about personal feelings. Work exploring identity, passions, and expressions.

Dawn Kate Carr Illustration & Design

Dawn Kate Carr creates illustrations centered around the balance between death and beauty. Her work ranges from zombie fighting Venetian princesses to man-eating floral D&D characters. In addition to her illustrations she also has self published zines, stickers and pins.

Demure City

Original illustrations, color and black & white zines, prints, charms, stickers, buttons and commissions

Devyr Press

Devyr press publishes zines on topics of art-making, printmaking, and women in horror films.

Dirt Worst

Joe and Rusty are where DIRT WORST comes from. DIRT WORST is where babies come from. Babies is where you come from. Ya welcs.

The Doula Project / DIY Doula: Self-Care for Before, During, & After Your Abortion

DIY Doula: Self-Care for Before, During, & After Your Abortion is a new zine from The Doula Project of NYC. This zine contains comics, essays, worksheets, advice, and more, all written by abortion doulas who have worked in NYC clinics and hospitals. Proceeds help fund free zine copies for people having abortions and The Doula Project’s free full-spectrum doula work.

Duplex Press

DUPLEX PRESS offers two memoirs: PAWN by Adam Matonic is a mini-memoir that chronicles the tokenization and exaltation of northern queer 20-something trying to survive in a southern community of heterosexual artists. YONDER by Alex Lacey is a sensory memoir regarding the familial history of the author and how he fits in the picture of southern values.

The Dust Elves

This is a story inside another. Daisy and Clover are twin sisters, but despite their strong bond, they struggle with what it takes to fit in. And when they unwittingly put the existence of three disillusioned dust elves at risk, that’s when this mythical tale of misfits, mischief and the creative spirit begins.

Dreams & Egos

Dreams & Egos is a collection of photos taken over the past few years. There isn’t a specific theme but a mood each photo carries with it.

Elbow Room

Elbow Room is an open, socio-political arts collective based out of Richmond, Virginia. We aim to create encouraging spaces and build community by hosting events around town, supporting one another and printing a bi-annual zine. Anyone is welcome to participate in group events. However, we hope to center the voices of people of color, queer folx, trans and non-binary people as well as anyone who isdifferently abled in any way.

Emma Anticlimax

zines about abuse, friendship, monsters, reproductive health, trauma, and more

Emma Bailey

A collection of photographs taken with an instant camera, collected and sorted to tell stories


I want to share zines about Tinder, bein’ gay & Asian (gaysian), and growing up! I will also bring art from my QTPOC collective at UNC-Chapel Hill!

endless bummer

stories real and imagined by a white genderqueer punk from durham nc

Eros Livieratos & Maria Sweeney

Eros Livieratos is a New Jersey based freelance writer and Maria Sweeney is a Moldova-born, New Jersey-based freelance illustrator. As an illustration and writing pair, we will be selling collaborated works, In A Rut Comics Issues 1 & 2, various zines, books, patches, and stickers.

Ethnic Trip Cultural Art

My zine subject matter is Black Lives Matter,Ghetto Girls Rule, Eve and Apple and Lucy the Vegetarian Zombie. My focus is social imagery, that’s to say I use art as my words is some of my Zines.

Feminism is For Everyone – FiFE at UVA

Feminism is For Everyone (FIFE) is a feminist organization dedicated to fostering feminist community and promoting activism for gender equality at UVa.

femme filth zines

zines about radical vulnerability, living with borderline personality disorder & ptsd, celebrating queer femmes, healing, survival, recovery, resilience, & mental health.

Fid Thompson

My zines deal with mental health, queerness, imperfection and dismembering original government documents 🙂

Firestorm Collective

We are a collectively-owned radical bookstore, vegan coffee shop and community event space in Asheville, North Carolina. Since 2008 we’ve supported grassroots movements in Southern Appalachia while developing a workplace on the basis of cooperation, empowerment, and equity.

Fran Rowan

Fran specializes in fantasy comics staring female heroes. Her series “Alencia” follows a traveling cleric who solves people’s paranormal problems while “Unintentionally Alice” is a furry slice of life dramedy following the lives of a group of friends after college.

Gabriel Kendra

Quick ideas. Art. Quantity over quality


GenderFail is a publishing and curatorial project focusing on the perspectives of queer and trans people, and people of color. GenderFail invites artists to collaborate on content that addresses heteronormativity, gender, or racism. GenderFail looks to create connections between artists, writers, poets, and activists, by creating a network of creative projects that flourish outside heteronormativity.

Gold Star

Gold Star is mainly a source of heart-warming screenprints printed by hand in RVA, but I also make some mean zines. Emphasis on love, light, and truth.

Greg Steele

self-published comic books from norfolk, va. stoner knight, you mother fucker, kitties, etc.


Local print based studio based out of Jackson Ward run by and for GRLS FEMMES, QUEERS, creating a space for open making and sharing. Our work aims to reflect experience, while the form it takes aims to engage the reader/viewer with a physical take-away that can then be shared with their own community or who ever they want!!

Hablando en Lenguas de Curación

We want to share our journeys of healing through herbalism and curanderismo as Queer Afro-Latinx folks reclaiming plant medicine. We want to center our zine around self-care and decolonizing herbalism. We would like for our zine to be accessible to LGBTQ Black and Indigenous people of color.

Hannah Abra

I have multiple zines ranging from topics of mental health, eating disorder, and trauma. All of which are structured through a feminist ideology.

Hannah Huddle

Zines and comics about science, queer identity, and anime. Hannah is a VCUarts alumni who studied scientific illustration, and recently moved back to Richmond after working as a teaching artist in Providence, RI.

Hannah McHugh

zines but love sports


Comic with original characters, original prints, buttons, stickers, commissions

Homie House Press

homie house press is a skeleton bones crew of women of color creating + publishing in the foto book medium. We are a playground where fotos become books, a safe space for secret stories and an open house for honest content. Find us migrating through the in between, the world wide web, and al otro lado del charco.

Hot Tag, Dan Nelson

Hot Tag is an series of perzines about the experiences of being a fan of pro wrestling. Also the creator of Cozy’s Big Day, an illustrated zine following wrestler Satoshi Kojima through a day in his life, narrated by his own weirdly translated tweets.


I am a new zinemaker experimenting with poetry, non-fiction short stories, empowering short essays, and hand-drawings. My work is fueled by the irrational, unsteady, and unpredictable, my personal dreams and questions, and my passion for the beautiful, radical, and transformative power of consciousness. My zines explore the various layers of humanness, from the perspective of a yogini, an astrologer, and a young, half-Chinese woman.

ice cream support group

ice cream support group will be making a zine about the events had during the year one celebration, nu Richmond, words from us and our friends here in Richmond. A culmination of everything ice cream. A look into a past, a meeting with a present, and yearning for the future.

jacob cunningham

Local music photography and perzines

Jacque Chandler & Iain Duffus

Ink drawings of Richmond’s wildest architecture from the eyes of two VCUarts students.

Jamie Douglas / Erek Jones

Both of us make visually focused zines & comics, plus drawings and paintings. Erek also does screen printing, t-shirts, posters, glassware.

Joey Navarra Jr

Pursued by a Bear is an on going action/fantasy series. Goodbad is a collection of short comics.

Jon-Michael Frank

One-panel sad life drawings.

K Macrae

2-3 Small zines: One slice of life featuring a wlw cast, one about monsters and their relationship to humanity, and an auto biographical comic. Stickers and small prints will also be included.

Katherine Gottsegen

Katherine Gottsegen is a queer self-taught illustrator, comix maker, and zine maker. Right now she is obsessed with drawing flowers and fairies :^)

Katie Conely

Katie is an artist who creates zines on feminism, disability rights, queer issues, and more!

Lazarte Art Press

Will be selling Power and Magic: A queer witch anthology Vol 1, a project which I and a friend were recently in, along many other amazing artists and writers.

刘亮 / Light / Lucky Cat Press

raw & aggressively introspective poetry experiments that confront the ugly selves we keep inside

Lil Wolf Press

Lil Wolf Press is the collaborative zine projects of Richmond-based writer and visual artist Gretchen Gales and visual artist and graphic designer Alexander Clark. We will be presenting written zines, art zines, art prints, and more goodies! Will be happy to provide more information (including the finished website).

Lohitha Kiran + Ishaan Chandra

Lohitha and Ishaan are a queer South Asian artist & poet duo and they will be selling artwork, scientific/medical illustrations, poetry cards, and zines.

Madison Hall

Art focused zines concerning the experience of living in the American South and urban exploration. Silk-screen posters of weird places half-imagined and maps of places where only the Loblolly pine grows.

Marion Nebula

My zines are based on feminist concepts of self realization and are filled to the brim with poetry and drawings. I will also be selling cheap tshirts with my art pasted onto them.

陳岷慈 / Michelle Chen / Chen Mintzu

Local experimental artist presenting a research book on QTness from a Taiwanese perspective–complete with Mandarin translations and backed with their personal queer experience–and temporary tattoos of Mandarin calligraphy with the theme “peace and prosperity.”

Milk River Arts

Our zines are created in a collaborative studio shared by artists with and without special needs.

Million Dollar Underwear Zine

A slice of humor zine

Mister Oura

Absurd zines, strange comix, weird toys, and random surprises…

Moose Lane

My zines cover a wide variety of topics, from backwoods camping DIY guides, to illustrations about plants and anxiety, to collected photos of gravestones (with commentary!) and church signs (with puns!).

Nick Alberti

A series of drawings, writings and prints documenting my unexpressed opinions and observations as an ambitious yet underperforming introvert.

Nicole Killian

Nicole Killian’s work investigates how the structures of the internet, mobile messaging, and shared online platforms affect contemporary interaction and shape cultural identity from a queer, feminist perspective. She is interested in the repetition, looping, and dissemination of content.

Nik & Jake

Nik & Jake are brothers who have been taken on an adventure to another dimension. This is the second in the series.

Nun Comix

Nun Comix is scenes and stories from everyday life, with a special focus on lgbtqa issues, (a lack of) fitness, and living with anxiety. Nun Comix’s most recent book, Someone’s in the Kitchen with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, is half foodie zine and half self-help. It is the hope of these comics to make people laugh but also find something to relate to.

Office Park City

Office Park City is a collaborative mutidisciplinary practice formed for the purpose of creating an artist residency. Currently, Office Park City exists as a collection of drawings, writings, paintings, sculptures, apparel, anecdotes, and ephemera.

Paul Hostetler Illustration

I shall be bring multiple courses of comics, zines, and prints for cuisines ranging from satire to food snobbery to pop culture mash-ups. Nothing but the finest bound art will do for Richmond Zine Fest Attendees!


My first zine focuses on my housecats shot through b/w 35mm film corresponding with my poetry on topics including racial identity, filipino-subjectivity, mental disorders, and intimate relationships.


small press involving nature and nerdiness.

Richmond Reproductive Freedom Project

Non-profit, grassroots abortion fund who uses zines to educate folks about topics related to reproductive justice.

Retrofit Comics / Big Planet Comics

Retrofit Comics is a small press comics publisher that was founded in 2011 by comics artist Box Brown to bring a selection of short works by different comics creators to the public on a regular schedule. Now teamed up with Jared Smith from Big Planet Comics, Retrofit Comics has published work from some of the best comic book creators in North America, as well as creators from around the world, including France, Belgium, Japan, Australia, and the UK. Retrofit Comics publishes out of Philadelphia and Washington DC.

Richie Pope

I’m an illustrator/cartoonist living currently in Dallas Texas after living in RVA for 12 years. I’ve done illustrations for publications like the New York Times, the New Yorker and TIME Magazine and books for Youth in Decline and Shortbox.

Richmond Restaurant Stories

This zine will be featuring stories and artwork from Richmonders about memorable, profound or outrageous experiences in RVA restaurants. We will hear from veteran workers in the industry and patrons alike. The scope of the zine will range from thoughtful to absurd.

Rin Kim

2 zines on trans asian american experience and stickers

Rock Bottom 4ever

Photo/community submission zine cataloguing the 1st and only year of shows, fliers, and experiences at Rock Bottom.

Root Beer Comics by matt!

Recent comics include the Straight-to-ink Cover Song series, in which I redraw golden and silver age comics in pen with improvised dialogue. Recent art mini-zines include Dicks Through History and Tricks Through Film.

Root of Bitterness

Root of Bitterness is a serial graphic novel based in Richmond, VA. Written and illustrated by Meredith Peverill, all copies are risograph printed and hand bound in collaboration with Jason Adkins of Button Press.

Saberdog Art

Wings are used to depict freedom, power, death. This series of drawings, “Wings, Captioned,” aims to push these concepts further.

Sale Into the 90s

Zines about insignificant events in 1980s/1990s history

Seven Hills School

Literary and Art zines made by boys at Seven Hills School in Richmond, Va.

Shannon Wright

I’ll be bringing my hair series art book. I’ll also be bringing a fantasy based allergy comic.

Sink/Swim PRess

Independent comics publisher based in Richmond,Va.

Skinny Dipper Magazine

We are a magazine at the intersection of art and adventure. We are based in Richmond and DC.

SOFT WEB studio collective

SOFT WEB is miranda, ha, mars, maeve, melissa & more xXx collectively~ artists, witchcrafters, teachers, event bookers, space makers who center queer & trans ppl of color in our WORKS OF LOVE, toward ❤ LIBERATION ❤

Something Something Press

Something Something Press is Richmond’s only radical mental health distro. We carry zines and books related to mental health, disability, self and community care, mutual aid, and resistance.

Swamphouse Press

Perzines about lgbt experiences, zines about dungeons and dragons, translation projects

Sydney Johnson

Henry Rollins fanzine influenced by the queer black punk rock experience, particularly in DC. Original stories about out of body experiences from high school and zines about sex is tinder conversations and James Franco’s sexuality in films.

T. Paperny

T. Paperny makes zines about self care and identity and little art books with their poetry. More at @tpaperny on Instagram or http://www.tpaperny.com

Theodore Taylor III

My current zine is a collection of drawings I’ve made over the last few months. It’s accompanied by a beat CD.

Trauma Pussy

Big Feelings Collab

Tristin Miller

Finding a Place & Trusting it For a While is an annual zine that artist Tristin Miller creates by pulling together content from her sketchbooks, personal writings, collection of save ephemera over a year’s time.

Troy Scully and Joe King

Silk screened patches, posters, risograph comics printed by clown kisses, digitally printed zines and materials


Zines regarding mental health, lgbtq representation, existential dread

very small

Various multimedia zines of collections of poetry and illustrations focusing on small objects and big feelings.

Vice Versa Press

Vice Versa Press is a lifestyle goods brand that produces limited editions including zines, apparel, and fine art. All Vice Versa Press merchandise is hand-manufactured and hand-designed in Chicago.

Voile Press

Voile Press makes zines, infosheets, and patches advocating for women, POC, queers, poor folks and survivors to take up space in music and the wider world.

Volcano Press

Kamille and Janet have known each other since 2010 and have been making zines and exhibiting at small press fests together since 2015.

Walker Moving Pictures

I’m working with my 92 year old grandmother, to collect, illustrate, and print some of the poems she’s written over the past decades – from 1960 to the present. We want to make several small volumes by topic, and I may have some writing/art of my own for sale as well.

Wurst Haus

Located in Greensboro, NC, Wurst Haus is an arts and literary publication house dedicated to the celebration of our friends work. Wurst books you’ll ever see.


small zine fusing painting & skateboarding; pamphlet style zine thats about feminine feels

( yourholysweater )

do your best, arrive early & consider everything an experiment. ❤


sad black femme making zines for other sad black femmes. art + prose + poetry + writing.

Zine Bean Collective

The ZBC is a collaborative project of student zinesters in NC, using art to resist, disrupt, and educate. Our zines examine identity and social issues in unique and fun ways, with particular focus on LGBTQ+ and POC experiences.

Zoeybug Studio

The RAW Breakdown Project is an examination of WWE’s Monday night show from a designer’s perspective. The RAW Breakdown Project Annual Report is a culmination of 52 weeks of RAW, with Year 1 examining May 2015 to May 2016, and Year 2 examining May 2016 to May 2017.

Stipend Recipients

Jelani Drew / blckboiqueerjoy

Karina Hagelin / femme filth zines

Maria Sweeney / In a Rut Comics

Aurora Diaz / The Bettys

Rin Kim

Michelle Chen / GOLD FISH

Ishan Bose

Lolitha Kethu


Sydney Johnson / Black Fag

Toni Lane

Homie House Press

Heaven / Rock Bottom 4ever

Angel Flowers / Ice Cream Support Group

Jas Battle

Lisa Delao

Harold Claros / Harolds House

Kit Conely

Do you have other images and things we can add to our archive for 2017? Email us at zine.fest@richmondzinefest.info with subject line: RZF Archive ❤